Patch 7.2. Alt Management: Flagship

With Patch 7.2. dropping on us, today I have the last streak of World Quest emissaries per every toon. I’m running Wardens, and I’m starting occasional rep runs for the previous factions ever since.

Tomorrow I’m entering my new exciting development plan.

With Legionfall upon us, I am charging Micromantica solo to earn Pathfinder II asap and open flights for everyone. It will require exploring Broken Shore, completing invasions, Revered with Legionfall and completing the new campaign.

I’m excited about the new lore and exploration part, so it’s gonna be mostly one toon game for me in the coming weeks with chaotic log ins with other toons if I have time for them. I also have Suramar dungeons and Karazhan to see on weekend.


So, let’s go.

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