Damn the Warcraft Chronicles!

I’m finishing the second volume which I got from Amazon on the release day. The reading is amazing, this is what the proper WoW books should be like.

I openly despise Golden and company’s feeble attempts to create some Blizzard-related “literature”. It’s a pure graphomaniac stuff, and in its best examples it may not be used as an asswipe straightaway, but after a while nevertheless. The language is awful, the very same plots from the games are boring and dull, and the most interesting lore characters which are supposed to become even more alive – well, they’re nothing more than plastic dummies. In fact, the only benefit of this “literature” was the lack of any other alternative for WoW and SC related reading. So, with Chronicles released, this benefit is also gone.

I think the Warcraft Chronicles are the best auxiliary material possible. It’s a very cool reading per se, but it also covers huge lore lacunae there were. I’m all into the book now, and there are only two regrets about the whole business:

  • There will be only one more tome
  • We’ll have to wait for it until the next year

The final question is: why the title – “Damn the Warcraft Chronicles”?

The answer is so me. First I’ve tried and then created a male orc warrior. I don’t know when and how I’m gonna play it with my arms full of different Legion things, but I did :)

5 thoughts on “Damn the Warcraft Chronicles!

  1. I have not gotten either of the Chronicles books because I am afraid they will be like reading a text book about Azeroth’s history rather than relatable stories about characters. Also, I’m afraid the gnome lore will be light to non-existent :-P

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    • Actually there is Gnome lore, especially in the first tome (origins and Uldaman exodus). And I was pleasantly surprised to find some mentioning in Second War chapters of the second tome.

      Chronicles are… well, they are chronicles. They are not supposed to be exciting movie scripts with dialogues and all. Yet a very light and pleasant reading.

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  2. I liked the first one a lot. Well done and well presented, my only knock at all was that I felt that once read it was left on the shelf, no reason to return to it.
    I’d like the second one too, I guess I missed the boat of ordering it!


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