Relaxed… Grind?


Yeah, right. When I was talking about a relaxed gameplay, I have underestimated the power of set goals.

So, what was meant to be the occasional emissary runs while waiting for LFR queues actually transformed into a reputation marathon. Grab an alt, do 4 quests, turn in, switch to another, never wait for raid to pop. I feel the urge of completing emissary on every alt now, and I barely have time even for raid runs.

The situation is worse as we are strongly required to be exalted with factions: the bonus rep after exalted in 7.2. will grant some cool rewards – including the very nice faction mounts drop chance. Besides you would have Legionfall to work on.

So, I’m all into emissary gameplay.

It is needless to say that reputations are a straightforward game: once you start working on them, you would rapidly come to finish in a course of few weeks. And yet it’s a bit disturbing as it’s kind of obligatory to me today.

Mostly I’m a little over Revered border with factions, so it’s a long way to go yet.

Things To Do

1/ Archaeology

I’ve included Archaeology projects into my activities. They take 2-3 hours to complete per week, yet I must plan several sessions not to do them in one sit in the last moment. I have dug out three big items toward the achievement.

The good thing about Archaeology nowadays is that pristine objects would come naturally. While solving the bigger pattern I get 2 or 3 pristines on the way.

2/ Fishing

You won’t believe it, but I’ve visited the fishing island for the very first time in expansion this weekend. I’ve got the general idea, so I’m gonna be working on getting a fishing artifact if I have a spare time. I have only four rare fish caught out of an arm long achievement list, so it’s not gonna be too fast.

3/ Other Professions

I’ve somehow got my eye on professions. I would pay attention to opening my crafting list and see if I have enough mats for leveling items. Heck, I’m even bothering with trading mats between toons! And Aurinko and Melaris are running Draenor Garrisons to level Mining / Mining and Herbalism on daily basis. Aurinko is actually almost done there with her 685 skill level, Melaris is somewhere at “Pandaria” skill between 550-600.

My professions would most likely to be leveled to an end via Darkmoon quests, and still I give them a boost when possible.

4/ Raids

I’m not exactly ignoring the LFR, but I’m not as frantic about it now as it was in Draenor times (it was a grinding madness driven by the Ring quests). Playing a single random wing appeared to be more enjoyable than queuing for all four – which then came in one long streak to leave me exhausted. So I’ve stopped worrying about them at least. If I feel so, I’m queuing for a wing or two, and that’s it.

I have finished the Valar’jar quests for every armor type which gave me full sets of Normal raid appearances. What happened to cloth armor – giving me a full LFR model set in addition to Normal appearances – never happened again with other armor types. I wonder what it was? So I have EN and ToV for transmog farming, but it’s not urgent.

5/ AP and Traits

I’m slowly starting to get 36th trait for my weapons. My goal before 7.2. is 35 traits per each spec on every alt, and I’m almost there.

Not Really Waiting for 7.2. 

With all these projects running I would gladly spend an extra month in current content.

2 thoughts on “Relaxed… Grind?

  1. as to fishing on the island, every so often you get a fish to toss back in to summon the big guy, once down there is a buff for a few minutes. I found that if I was partied with someone, or even if there are more than 3 or 4 people there, those fish pop up quite often, One day I think the buff was up near an entire hour.

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  2. I’m with you on “no hurry”, I have a nice comfortable list of things I’d like to do.
    On the fishing island, join a raid team in Custom. Stock up on Arcane Lures, use them when fishing in pools in the zones to get the rares — it might go faster than you think!

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