My toon chart has been updated with few more columns, and these are: reputations.

My next goal is reaching Exalted with all the Legion factions for every toon. There are several important points about it:

  • World quests are endgame. Anyways I have nothing else to do while in LFR queues, so why not complete some?
  • There won’t be any grinding, and this is to avoid burning out and fatigue. For instance, if there’s a Kirin Tor emissary, I don’t have to run it with every toon – just those who I’m playing at the moment. In a relaxed mode. We’re not in a hurry.
  • If I did a quest towards emissary 3-4 WQ streak, I would better finish it.

And of course transmog and gear-up raid runs would be my playing session focus. Yes, we’re on farming train now. Star Augur Etraeus was killed in the morning with a single tank while DPS (including me) performed a stunningly accurate job of keeping the add away and burning it down.

So, it’s world quests and LFR runs for me with a droplets of Archaeology projects and slow, slow profession leveling. There’s no hurry, no rush. Total relaxation.

Tip of the day: be kind and open emissary chests only in the spec you want your items for. Paitsu is leveling Sheilun the healing staff to 35 now, so she applied an emissary token and then opened an emissary chest. Boom! It’s her first legendary, and it’s for Mistweaver with a healing bonus. Which I don’t play!

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