Real Neat Blog Award


I’ve been nomineed by Repgrind and Kamalia et Alia for the Real Neat Blog Award :)

Step 1: Thank you!

Step 2: Answering questions from them – that comes further.

Step 3: Nominee some blogs and ask some questions. I’m gonna skip it I think, as the blogs I read have already participated in the event. So, on to the questions.


1. Do you have a favorite mount or type of mount? (horses, dragons, mechs, etc)

Well, mount favorites come and go in waves. But I always tend to like smaller mounts which fit in doors and windows, and with good dynamics. My Gnomes are in favor of Dun Morogh rams and Pandaren Tillers goats now, Anibell the Human Paladin rides the paladin steed, Night Elves ride their racial sabertooths, and Goblins prefer their crafted rocket. As for flying mounts, it’s hyppogryphs, all the same rockets, gryphons and wyverns. I hunt for mounts, and I’m almost at 250 mark, but I’d never ride my Ashes of A’lar.

2. Do your characters have individual personalities?

Yes! And it’s a shame I didn’t work out a proper background for each of them yet. I could tell my main Micromantica is one of the best Jaina’s pupils who will be on her side whatever happens. She’s an explorer and adventurer, and collects all the lore she can get. She couldn’t sit in one place, and since Theramore was destroyed, she doesn’t have a peaceful haven.

I’ve written a small novel (in Russian) about my Goblin toons – the three sisters. Hexen the Rogue and Lizgun the Hunter are a pair of rascals which hunt for others’ treasures. Disguise, fraud, and everything. They try not to kill unless they have to defend themselves. Lizgun is more straightforward and rough type, Hexen is cheerful and easily plays a lady of high society if needed.

They try not to involve their third twin – Schlitzchen – in their sometimes dangerous adventures. Schlitzchen is a calm and spiritual type, a shaman. She vaguely guesses what the other two do for a living, but the less you know the better you sleep.

3. Transmog, yay or nay?

Yay! Since Draenor which had awful sets. Now it’s the only thing I spend my money for. I like to invent different outfits, and all my toons have several. I’m also hunting for transmog in older dungeons and raids.

I’ve updated my previous post about specs, so you could look at my current transmog sets here.

4. Do you have pets?

I’m a cat person :)


5. What is more important to you, a good storyline or plenty of endgame activities?

I guess both. Well, storyline is more important. When there’s nothing to do at the end of expansion, I would gladly replay storylines while leveling alts.

6. How did you get started in blogging?

The only good reason for starting blogging is that you have some thoughts you couldn’t hold within yourself anymore. It happened so that I’m blogging about WoW as a major hobby.

7. What kind of car do you drive?

I don’t. It’s just many extra expenses and troubles about cars – taxes, insurance, gas, parking, washing, the car itself – so I don’t wanna even start with it. A megalopolis like St.Petersburg has an excellent public transport system, so I’m using it with pleasure. It takes me a total of 25 minutes to get to work – 15 of them I spend in subway reading. Malls and grocery stores are 4 minutes walk from my place. At parties and weekends you often have a drink, so you will use public transport anyways. Considering all this, I don’t see any use in owning a car – or even learn to drive or get a driver’s license.

Kamalia et alia

1. What locations in WoW have the best background music?

Yrel’s theme – Malach, Varian’s death theme, Nightsong (Ashenvale Horde/Alliance battles, Ysera’s death), Way of the Monk (upon arrival to Temple of White Tiger), Sholazar Basin, Darnassus, Gnomeregan themes. They all give me SHIVERS!

2. Are there any ways in which WoW (or other games) has influenced or inspired things you do in your pay-the-bills career?

No. My work is what I do for money, my games are what I do to rest from work. I had some thoughts of if I could get a job which involves something about games. Then I thought: no. Games will become the job then, so they’ll be less fun :0)

3. Which calculator format do you prefer — TI (enter numbers and operations as you would write them on paper) or HP (reverse Polish)?

I had to google about reverse Polish :) So definitely the answer is: TI.

4. What was the most memorable book that you read/movie that you watched last year? What made it so memorable?


  • Obviously Warcraft – it was much anticipated, and it didn’t disappoint me.
  • Mad Max – aside from the overall awesomeness, it seems like they’ve carefully edited out every stereotyped dialogue that could have been in the script. No pattern phrases at all!
  • Ghostbusters – it’s a perfect and a very funny reboot with great cast, and much respect paid to the original movies.
  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – yet another Burton’s masterpiece, and a very nice book adaptation.
  • Trolls – it’s hilarious.


I read a lot, but I would name a book by a Russian blogger and psychologist – Tanya Tank “Beware, I’m with You”. The book is about narcissism personality disorder, how dangerous these people are, how to recognize and avoid their destructive influence. It really turned my world upside down – showed me that I’ve met lots of these guys and girls in my life. And should I’ve read the book back then, it would have saved me much nerves and trouble. Well, better late than never. Now I’m fully armed.

5. If you could take six months off from your current job and go back to college for a semester and study anything you wanted, what class(es) would you take?

Languages – speech practice. I’d like to be a fluent speaker in as many as I could.

6. Give me a recipe for something that you like to make for dinner when you don’t have much time or energy for cooking.

It’s a fun question :) My wife has all our meals planned for the week. And she won’t let me in the kitchen so that I don’t occasionally eat some vital ingredient :) I think my cooking skills are somewhat shrinking for no use.

Well, if I sometimes have to get some food myself, I would go for pelmeni dumplings (boil them 10 minutes in the water, eat) or cheese sandwich and kefir :)

7. My current favorite chocolate bar is Chocolove’s “Holiday” bar, which is 55% cacao chocolate with pecans, currants, dried cherries, walnuts, hazelnuts, candied orange peel, and candied ginger — every square is a different delight! What’s your favorite sweet treat of the moment?

A bagel dipped in honey and oat cookies :)

3 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award

    • No, I mean even a common vegetable (like a tomato or a cucumber) could be a vital ingredient :) Intended either for a cooked dish, a salad or to be cut and eaten raw with something else. Needless to say, it’s dangerous to grab it as a snack if i don’t want to dress up and go shopping for a replacement. And the need in replacement tends to happen when I’m in raid, so… I’d better not or ask :)


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