A Song for Your Class

I’ve been nursing this idea for a while.

Here’s your task: try and find the song for a class (or a spec).


  1. Full lyrics should fit. That is, if lyrics mention ‘coke’ or ‘London’ or ‘car’ – you failed. It should be a song fitting WoW universe. Maybe your WoW toon could use as a motto or an order hall theme.
  2. It’s better if music fits the lyrics.

The game starts with Dimmu Borgir’s “Puritania”. I’ve been singing along, and it suddenly dawned on me that the whole track is a Death Knight hymn. Music fits, so it’s a perfect example:

We do away with your kind
Count down to exterminate the human race

Let chaos entwine
On defenseless soil
Remove errors of man
And sweep all the weakening kind

I am war, I am pain
I am all you’ve ever slain
I am tears in your eyes
I am grief, I am lies

Bygone are intolerance
And presence of grace
Scavengers are sent out
To cleanse the human filth parades

I am pure, I am true
I am all over you
I am laugh, I am smile
I am the earth defiled

I am the cosmic storm
I am the tiny worms
I am fear in the night
I am bringer of light

Nice :) The second example is a track of Battle Beast “Madness” – guess what? I found a song for Shadow Priests, and my Aurinko tends to hum it while questing :) The music doesn’t really fit, but the lyrics do:

One and only reality
Fatal journey to infinity
Chase the monster of the seven seas
Face it, kill it, and you’ll be free
I am thy strength, I am thy sword

My name is Madness
And I’m the light you need in darkness
You can’t escape from me
‘Cause i’m Madness
And I will tear your soul apart
We die as one
As one

Know your demons to know where to strike
Dark is their home and well they hide
Bloodbound battle, a quest for truth
I’m the last one to die in you
I am berserk, I fear no fear

My name is Madness
And I will hunt you down in darkness
You can’t escape from me
‘Cause i’m Madness
The demon slayer in your head
I’m always there

No one can hear you scream
No one will find you
There’s no way out of here alive

So, could you come up with more examples?
Hashtag #ClassSoundtrack

One thought on “A Song for Your Class

  1. Seems like Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction would work nicely for … probably Warlocks would be best.

    I doubt anything could top Level (what level did they cap xp at, anyway?) ETC’s Rogues Do It From Behind for rogues.

    Seems like Earth, Wind & Fire should be the band for Shaman, but I don’t know if there’s a single song that fits. I suppose I’m showing my age just by knowing who they are. xD

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