Love is in the Air?..

There hasn’t been any posting from me for a while, and none should be expected too soon as well.

The past week was wholly devoted to my trip through Greece and Italy – 6 cities in total. It was a perfect weather – no rain, +10-14oC – in other words, ideal for walking and sightseeing. I hate heat, and I don’t understand any beach vacation (booooooring), so Mediterranean trip was planned in February on purpose.

Obviously I didn’t play any WoW because that’s not what you do while traveling. Though it seems that my rest from WoW appears to last longer than I thought. Upon my arrival home I’ve discovered my home internet not working – which tech support has diagnosed as something to do with cables. And the internet guys have such a busy schedule that they’ll be able to fix it only on Saturday.

So, I’m effectively missing the Love Rocket trying time. I’ve pretty much slacked any holiday mount farm last year, and in 2017 I thought I’ll renew hardworking Hallows End, Brewfest and Love is in the Air bosses. Well, not earlier than Saturday night.

Meanwhile I’ve blown off the dust from my Warcraft 3: RoC & TFT cds – and it’s time to walk through the campaigns again. It’s very cool to relive the events of the Third War with all the immense lore baggage and terrain knowledge that came after via playing WoW. Seeing the familiar places, foes, weapons, heroes and all. Making discoveries – for example, when Thrall and Cairne want to get to the prophet (Medivh) in Stonetalon mountains, they must deliver the “heart” (gem) to a statue of an elven priestess Azsune!

You get to meet many Legion lords too during the campaign. Now that they reappear in Azeroth, it’s cool to see what they did during the last invasion – for example, Aneteron or Mephistroth dreadlords.

It’s also cool to look at units from WoW perspective. For example, it’s a whole new look at orc shamans or night elf bear druids, and it adds much depth to the RTS routines. It considers buildings too: during your WoW journeys you’ve been inside each and every of them. Knowing how many floors and ladders are there in a construction your peons just built is so immersing!

Finally, I’ve played Warcraft 3 in Russian only before. Localization was perfect: a very good translation and an amazing voice cast with lots of famous and character fitting actors.

Now I’ve installed an English version, and it’s like playing a whole new game. Actors from WoW match those from W3, and it’s an extra link to the present events for me.

When life gives you lemons… buy some good cognac and consume both :)

P.S. : Suramar IRL – the Greek island of Santorini – one of my destinations.

8 thoughts on “Love is in the Air?..

  1. Meant to comment earlier. Lol. My brain can usually find some music that goes with just about any blog title. I’ll have to watch the slid show.


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