Good Suramaritan: Check


Today’s morning Lizgun the Hunter was the last toon to complete the Good Suramaritan chapter.

And it’s perfect timing too. Tomorrow I’m heading off to my vacation, and no playing is planned during my trip – as usual. It’s good to leave with a big thing done.

Completing Good Suramaritan on all of my toons will have some consequences for my gameplay.

First, I’m not bound to Suramar dailies anymore. Of course during the Insurrection questline you’ll have to do 10 more world quests in Suramar, but it’s done once and fast (a couple of days). I don’t have to wait for Kirin Tor and Nightfallen emissaries and frantically complete their quests on every toon when they proc.

Second, I’ve deleted the rep tracking bar from the screen. It’s kinda relief to see only the AP one there.

Third, the mana hunt is over! If you’ve ever wondered how long you’ll need to collect those blue crystals all over Suramar to feed the suffering guys – well, it’s the exact point where it ends.

In short, it’s an ultimate relief – and the following Insurrection chapter is a collection of simple, lore-heavy and fun scenarios/quests leading the plot to The Nighthold raid – and with huge amounts of artifact power on the way.

Speaking of artifact power: upon completing Good Suramaritan all the main weapons are now 35, and their second weapons are in the range of 27-34 traits. Insurrection will help to reach my goal of 35 traits for all weapons even further.

So, it’s time for relaxed lull coming for me. It’s time to farm previous LFRs for mogging and The Nighthold LFR for mogging and gear upgrades. It’s time for non-frantic, relaxed emissaries of other factions to get access to profession recipes. There will be no rush: if I feel like doing an emissary batch on some toon, I’ll do it. It’s time to cover some missed side storylines in different zones. It’s time to get serious with Archaeology and Fishing.

Entering a relaxed lull till 7.2.

P.S. I thought it would be a good idea to encourage the Q-A comments. If you have any question or need any help with Suramar questlines, I’m eager to answer here.

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