That One Quest

So, That One Quest.

Your quest chain flows smoothly, and suddenly – for no particular reason – you are stuck and experience enormous difficulties. It’s not the last scenario which is supposed to be challenging. It’s just this quest in the middle.

In Good Suramaritan campaign, it’s Ephemeral Manastorm Projector quest available at 20k rep.

Here you have to kill 4 very fat elite mobs which hit very hard, have lots of hit points and aren’t easy to pull without extra guards (these are elite guards which aggro easily, have half as much hit points and also hit very hard).

I mean: why on earth would you put those super-hard to kill mobs in the middle of a normal quest chain? And which is worse, you need four kills?

If you’re DPS guy, you are in trouble. You use all the burst spells, and what would swipe out a normal elite still leaves those guys with 40-50% of hit points to go. DPS are not intended to survive a marathon by themselves. Their challenge is positioning, counterspells, burst damage. Those guys are just too fat: your glorious opening and bursting damage gets you exhausted very quick, longing for self-heals and spells to proc. You’re easily finishing every fight on the verge of survival (if not dead). And then there’s three more.

I can’t tell anything about healers dealing with those mobs. But I can tell that it’s freaking unfair to DPS compared to tanks. A tank pulls this very same mob, all by himself, and may watch a movie while slowly picking at this mob. And nothing happens to the tank! It’s just a plain boring routine. I may not even watch at the screen while lazily pressing the keys, and the mob will be dead.

I don’t know why Blizzard suddenly thought of: let’s make the players “bring some friends” to do a mundane task. Ironically tanks (and probably healers) may not even care to do so because they’re good on their own. Warlocks as a “fat pet” class don’t even notice how the mob dies. But it’s a hell for others.

Of course I win – eventually :) I’ve got priest, hunter, shaman and druid to do this quest yet. Not the hardest classes here, although I expect some troubles with shaman. And still, it’s not how you design the tasks. You shouldn’t be destroying keyboards, fingers and nerves if you’re unlucky to play the wrong class or the wrong spec. It’s just an extremity quest for no reason.

On the bright side, I’ve learned how to play tank with all the tank classes now :)

5 thoughts on “That One Quest

  1. Thanks for the warning. I am still about 5500 rep away from this questline since I don’t have time to play every day. It’s the last part I need for Pathfinder part 1 though so it will get done, somehow, even if I have to call in favours from my friends list.


    • It’s beatable, yet it may cause some trouble.
      Advice one: You may want to wait until all your cooldowns are up again before aggroing the next one.
      Advice two: Lure them in the middle of water – this way the magic rains don’t hurt you, and you won’t aggro extra mobs (except maybe two-blow-killed sharks).
      Advice three: Thalyssra’s shield buff would replenish your health and do significant damage to the mob if you’d be killed.

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      • Thank you so much! That advice was spot on. I pulled them solo from the water. I have the mage legendary that keeps from getting the debuff from Time Warp, so I only have to wait out the 5 min cooldown for the spell, which was really only 3 mins by the time I finished each fight. Your advice made this one of the easiest quests I’ve had to do. :)

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  2. There is actually a pretty good spot for pulling these mobs without unnecessary adds. There’s this cirle area right in the middle of the city and the required mobs walks around it near the water (I believe 1 for each quarter of the circle). So, I pulled them one by one while staying in the water, using non-damaging, non-AOE abilities and it was relatively easy (emphasis on ‘relatively’).
    It is also much easier to evade them if something goes wrong – just swim further away (artefact fishing rod helps a lot, by the way, once you learn the turning-into-fish perk).
    However, the quest is still a major pain in the butt, especially compare to the rest of the story line.


    • Yes, it’s just where I’ve pulled them. Staying in the water makes their magic attacks useless (cause the orbs probably hit only the ground or the bottom), so you have to care only about their punches. Which are still too strong if you ask me :)


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