One Day at a Time

(c) Thalyssra

It’s pretty amusing how sometimes you should listen to what the NPCs tell you. Remember how in Pandaria people told you to: “Relax. Enjoy”? That was the secret to love the continent and expansion.

Thalyssra’s “One day at a time” catchphrase is your reputation guideline to Nightfallen and Legion factions in whole. If you think that you should reach Exalted in one big effort, you’re wrong. Because you see those 50-75 rep rewards and surrender yourself to dismay.

Still, if you focus yourself on this specific goal of reputation, it’s done very quickly. The whole daily batch of 6-7 Suramar quests will take you 30-40 minutes per toon at max, and you will be up by 1000 reputation. Add those Kirin Tor and Nightfallen emissaries with 750 and 1500 rewards, and you’ll be there.

Don’t try to squeeze more than these 7 simple daily quests in one day – make your reputations game a relaxed game. Ignore the goddamn withered scenario. One day at a time.

My toons are starting to hit the ceiling of Nightfallen Exalted these days. It’s a week’s worth until going into the world of massive AP income of the Insurrection questline. And then we’ll be done with Suramar.  This journey comes to an end.


I’ve added a Valar’jar column – the four champions would hunt for cloth, leather, mail and plate armor kits within Trials of Valor. No need to charge all of my toons for the same Odyn’s quests – as we’re prepared for and running The Nighthold already. Still there will be Emerald Nightmare runs for the same mogging goals, and I guess the more runs the better here.

One day at a time :) Don’t get exhausted. Don’t rush. You’ll be there.

4 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. Indeed. Dailies make a really nice timing mechanism for rep gaining for folks like me who don’t have the stamina to just grind kills. That’s the thing I’ve always liked about dailies — and that I disliked about the lack of dailies for everything except Tanaan in Warlords — that by consistently doing them, one day at a time, eventually you’ll get to Exalted.

    Question, though — can I really just ignore the Withered Training scenario entirely? Or is there a point in the questline where I have to do it at least once just to be able to progress?


    • Yes, you can ignore the scenario. I’ve never passed through the whole one even a single time.
      If you’re hunting for the fox mount quest, I’ve got one from Nightfallen emissary chest, and the other one (already useless) this week on other toon.
      Suramar dungeon quests are not needed as well.
      The only obligatory things for the questline are Leyline Bling and a single Xavius kill in LFR for the quest.


      • Sweet! Thanks!
        I realized the other day that I’ll need to get at least a character of each armor class to Exalted with the Nightfallen so I can make kits of each armor type with that tabard, and most of them will probably do it the same way Kam has — almost entirely through Suramar and Kirin Tor emissary dailies. So hopefully I’ll have a good chance that the fox mount will fall out of one or another of those Suramar emissary chests!


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