• A victorious march through Suramar campaign for my alts.
  • Yesterday Lizgun the Hunter was the last to reach the 7k revered reputation borderline and kill Xavius to solve the Shal’Aran tree crisis.
  • My toons are now between 7-11k revered with Nightfallen
  • Anibell the Paladin skyrocketed to be the second toon Exalted – with the help of a weekly reputation bonus for world quests and her human racial bonus. Frankly speaking, I paid much attention to her. So once you decide to dig reputation for some toon, it’s completed in several days. Just do world quests.
  • Actually you only need to get to 20k reputation, because there you get the final questline which takes you to Exalted.
  • Can’t wait to stop feeding the NPC with mana for every alt – which happens after Exalted too.

World Quests

  • Obviously I’m stalking the Nightfallen emissaries for 1500 reputation boost – and well, the emissary rotation’s cursed.
  • The last week I’ve spotted at least two Valar’jar and two Kirin Tor emissaries, but not a single Nightfallen.
  • Kirin Tor helps a bit, but their token grants only 750 reputation with Nightfallen.
  • Shame.

Legendary Items

  • I’m not after legendary things really.
  • As an LFR guy, I’m not struggling for DPS boosts. My ilvl is enough to queue there, then I must provide my best with what I have and never care of anything else.
  • Still a Legendary item is nice to get.
  • I wish I had at least one for every toon.
  • Since the Legion launch I’ve got three: one for mage, one for paladin and one for priest.
  • Now I’m starting to wonder if the announced bad luck protection ever works.

The Nighthold

  • Surely I’m excited to go there…
  • The next week when LFRs start to open
  • So I’m fighting Gul’dan in March
  • As usual, my raid goals are lore, having fun and mogging.

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