WoW Companion App

Being always a tad behind considering gadgets, I’ve just acquired an iphone 5 which replaced my previous 4th model. Above all it changes my gameplay because I’m able to install WoW companion app now.

I just didn’t see any practical use in it at first. It’s very convenient as it is, yes, but surely I could spend 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening to reassign the missions in game? So why app? It could be useful in the trips too, but whether it will need an extra confirmation for abroad login is yet to be checked.

This morning while I was still in bed I decided to check and reassign the missions – which I did. After getting ready for work – you know, shower-breakfast-dressing-up common routines – I logged in the game.

Then the app meaning shined upon me.

  • You must not stay in your order hall now.
  • You could be parked everywhere else.

As you get your rewards straight in the bag, you don’t need to stay in the order hall for the mission table or follower orders – at all. You could log out some place in Suramar and start there straightaway upon the next login – because all you need is just open the bag and apply AP-rep tokens immediately, claim gold and whatever you sent your followers for. In fact, the only thing you need from your order hall now is assigning new artifact traits – which probably happens not every day, and if so, once.

That’s a life improvement, and a huge one.

4 thoughts on “WoW Companion App

  1. The part where it lets your character *not* have to be logged out in their Order Hall all the time to still be able to do missions and get the stuff is my favorite. I leave most of my characters in their Order Halls anyway, but that feature sure is great for my Pet Battling Hunter who spends most of her time camped out in Shadowmoon Valley.

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  2. The app is especially great when your order hall is in Dal so saves me from having to spend extra time on those looong loading screens. I end up flying in and out of Dal but populated times in the city are still laggy. Love seeing extra presents in my bag every now and then.

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