Everyone’s ready for The Nighthold with entrance barrier of 835 :)


My artifact strategy for alts would be as follows:

  1. Level the main raiding weapon (DPS) to 35 traits.
  2. Level the secondary playable weapon to 35
  3. Level the non-played weapons to 35
  4. Proceed with paragon traits in the same order.

Routines involve:

  1. Suramar dailies & emissaries
  2. Emerald Nightmare & Trials of Valor on farm for mogging

3 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. Fantastic! I worry sometimes about the “we might refund the paragon points for the new traits in 7.2” but whatever, it is all a good investment.
    The new raid will be here before you know it and you are already at the entrance, knocking on the door.


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