Patch 7.1.5. Eager to Try

Wow, many changes are online tonight, and I didn’t even try them – only Garrisons in the morning.

What I’ve already noticed is the artifact knowledge items are on sale via artifact research guys. You could buff you research up to 15 which is very good for your alts. Moreover, you could send this item through your account!

Not for me though, as I’m already at 23-25 research for my toons.

As for other changes, patch notes look like a sinister buff to every class. I would definitely welcome this dps increase for solo Suramar rumbles. In other zones I basically AoE with most classes. And I never feel or care about my dps in raids because LFR. It’s not that I despise it – being the only raid difficulty I do – no! I always follow the mechanics and try to do my best. I just don’t know whether I’m good for my ilvl, and I deliberately don’t use addons to count it.

Class changes in patch are most welcome on paper – let’s see how it is in the field. Going there now!

2 thoughts on “Patch 7.1.5. Eager to Try

    • Do you really know how reality fucks your plans? xD
      My first patch day:
      1. Re-spec my warrior into Arms
      2. Level your artifact traits 0 ->28 in 3 hours
      3. Keep Arms as your dps spec and abandon 27-trait Fury
      4. ‘Main-in-Legion’ Protection spec crying abandoned at 34 traits

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