Five Months into Legion: Expansion Review – Part IV

Class Order Hall Campaigns

With all the drawbacks of main zone questlines, class order hall campaigns easily win the prize.

One of the “side questlines” (the other being Illidan’s story), class order hall campaigns actually focus on defeating Legion. While it’s still a question what are these mysterious Pillars of Creation and why we need them, the class campaigns strike right at the demon threat. We even make some humble attempts to attack the demons in their own demon worlds.

Class campaigns are much fun. Every one of them – I did all the campaigns – is a cool story, vibrant with epicness. Each and every of them has strong bonds with your class, delivering situations and actions which both require your class knowledge and putting an accent to the class lore. For example, warlocks have a spell which banishes a demon – and only a demon – for a small time. Needless to say, it’s so situational that you shove it in the farthest action bar – if it ever makes its way out of a spellbook. Surprise: you can’t win the last campaign encounter without this spell. Things like that are precious: back in Lich King times we had a class-specific rogue training, or you could do a quest chain for fel fire with warlocks since Pandaria. Blizzard finally developed the class-specific content for everyone, and it’s so awesome. I wish they did it every expansion, and race-specific content would be cool too.

Campaigns are one of the best things in the expansion.

Artifact Weapons

The idea to add one more RPG element to your character is very cool. Artifact traits and AP tokens are something you really hunt for – one of the most precious rewards for different activities, be it quest rewards, loot or table missions.

Acquiring artifact weapons is also something like class order hall campaigns. Very often you deal with demons, so that brings some purpose to the expansion name. Quest chains are pretty fast, challenging and very different, although many artifact weapons share the locations and things to do. Challenge is not overwhelming: eventually you would acquire any weapon even if you haven’t played a class or a role before. Obviously no trouble with DPS specs – because you could DPS in any spec. I had lots of dying as a paladin and a DK tanks which I didn’t play before. All the healer artifacts were so much pain because I’ve never been a healer. But eventually I scraped through them all and got all the weapons. It’s something definitely recommended for everyone, stories are so cool.

There were several concerns about artifact weapons before we saw how it really works.

First, there was a question if artifacts are spec-friendly. I mean, if you develop your artifact from the beginning of Legion, earning traits, and then you want to switch specs.

This is not a concern anymore. Granted you did artifact research at your Order Hall, you’ll be able to re-spec in no time. My hunter was the first one to re-spec this far into expansion, and it went smooth. She earned weapon 24 traits while playing since September. She re-specced to a zero-trait artifact weapon, and with knowledge of 16 it got 24 traits the same day. Here you go. The only problem here could be relics, but think of them as gear. Not long ago you had to wear separate full sets for intellect and strength, or intellect and agility for different specs – so that’s much a lesser problem nowadays.

If you play alts, make sure they do artifact research running all the time even if you don’t play with them actively. Anyways, Blizzard gives you an opportunity to buy 15 artifact knowledge for alts very soon, but I would rather have 25 AK when it happens.

Second, there was a concern what will happen to artifact weapons in the next expansion. This is not a big concern too. Almost all the traits are sheer number tweaks to your spells, so it could be blended into your spellbook easy as that. Few rotaion spells (is it two for the whole trait sheet?) could be dealt with.

The point is: artifact weapons are your upgrades, they’re not rotations.

At this stage I’m happy how artifact system works.


They all suck.

I’m into professions, and I’ve been into them for fun’s sake mostly – doing items for my toons, not for sale. I always liked to discover different schemes and recipes, craft something unusual.

Blizzard did a great thing with delivering profession vibes: even the gathering ones got some quests. Crafting quests are also great, you really learn how it works.

The pace of leveling is pretty sad – I didn’t cap anything except Skinning yet, and I have all the range of profs on my toons, even the Gnome/Goblin Engineering fork.

Two failures which spoil all the experience: mythic dungeons and random.

Dungeons. You can’t put profession requirements into hardcore content, end of story. If you need to run dungeons or raids, it must be the lowest difficulty: normal dungeons and LFR. Professions are a mundane and supporting activity and should be accessible to even those who plays WoW for pet battles or mogging.

Random. Professions are a thing that should be leveled straightforward. You do things, and you raise skill for every action. I could run with 800-skilled skinner and never get a 2-star proc – that’s not how it works. Star system would be good if they were guaranteed – and you also shouldn’t put the stars in hardcore content. I – would – rather – spend 6 more silks or ores on the item I need than go to a mythic dungeon for a 3-star upgrade. It’s just so sad.

The saddest thing of all: Nomi. A recurring expansion joke, he turned the most fun profession into a realm of grief and despair. I don’t waste ingredients anymore until Blizzard does something with it.


Reputations are quite fine. It’s not a Draenor’s grinding hell. You just do your usual leveling, and you’re honored. If you don’t miss emissary quests – which takes you 30 minutes a day and grants good awards – you’ll be exalted with everyone very soon.

And you also have tokens – account-bound!

Reps are nice. As little grind as possible, but something you work for too. A perfect balance if you ask me.

World Quests

The last, but not the least point in my review are World Quests.

WQ is a great innovation in every aspect. It’s a largely reworked daily system – repetitive tasks to be done at endgame to develop your character.

World quests are various and selectable. Previously, if you wanted a daily boost to a rep, you had to go and perform the same 4-6 quests every day. Now you can choose! Even more, if some quests are not to your liking: too hard, too long or other things, you just have to wait until others pop up. An emissary quest lasts for 3 days, so you could definitely put it aside for a while until you get the quests with vital reward and simpler requirements. This system is also very flexible: Blizzard could add or remove the quests with ease, and no one will notice because they always change.

World quests address every aspect of character development – and by choice. If you lack order hall resources, you go for resources. If you need some gold, here you go. If your alt lacks some ilvl to get to dungeons, heroics or even raids, you go for loot. Artifact power and professions are of course there.

Before, if you do a daily hub, you are bound for some amount of gold, probably currency tokens and a bit of rep.

Finally, world quests are fast to do. Today I had 20 minutes until going to work, and I did the Valar’jar emissary batch within this time – plus a Dreamweaver one. So, they’re not tedious, and if you have only five spare minutes you could get a significant reward within them.


Legion is a beautiful and fun expansion. Blizzard really showed that they listened to and addressed the player’s needs and concerns while also trying to introduce new features.

Awesome: questlines, zone design, leveling process, profession questing, dungeon and raid design, world quest system, artifacts and artifact system, class reboots, order halls, pre-launch events.

Fine: reputations.

Awful: professions random, hardcore gating for lore and mundane things, Illidan’s storyline heavy grind requirements, lack of Legion presence in the expansion called Legion.

My marks for Legion: 8,5/10

5 thoughts on “Five Months into Legion: Expansion Review – Part IV

  1. Agreed about the professions, i even think Blizzard need to remove the current system and redesign it, people starting from level 1 have so much old items that makes no sense today because Blizzard never touched them, like mail armor from blacksmithing when plate classes need plate from level 1.

    This is a chance for Blizzard to add some new mechanics to crafting to make it fun and rewarding, from level 1, i say that because have this bad habit of not caring much about old content.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, that’s another problem which requires much resources for redesign.

      The mail armor should be crafted by blacksmiths, end of story. The whole point of mail is metal rings forged together. I don’t know why it is in leatherworking camp in the first place. So shamans and hunters should be blacksmiths/miners rather than skinners/leatherworkers.


      • Yeah, Blacksmithing should make mail armor, the problem now is for plate classes, they have to wait for level 225 crafting to start making plate items, this is one example why they should redesign crafting.

        Old WoW used to have specialization for professions, Blizzard can bring this back so you can choose between crafting mail or plate as a blacksmith.


  2. The is one thorough review! I think this review comes a very good time as we are stepping into a bit of a lull; you can write about it because so much of it has been experienced.
    I think my most bitter experience is auditioning to run a mythic dungeon. I can understand to a point being measured for a mythic plus but I think the “common mythic” (heh) should be in the random group generator. This hurdle is specific and irritating.


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