Suramar Weekend & Malfunction


The weekend was quite productive with my Suramar questing. I’ve figured out a few tips for alts, as usual:

  • The very first priority while on Good Suramaritan is collecting mana
  • You must have this buff from Valtrois all the time on you
  • Try and get all the mana crystals on the way – but only if it doesn’t mean engaging in a hundred mob fight
  • Once you have at least 200-250 mana, go and open the next ley line feed – Leyline Bling achievement is your first priority which you must complete asap
  • Main questlines require you to submit 800, then 1200 mana, so if you don’t want to be grinding in waste, you better collect it before you come across these quests. don’t let these pools stall you, so that’s why you need Leyline Bling
  • You also spend mana feeding the nightfallen npc and probably withered scenario
  • Once you’ve done Leyline Bling and start questing, mana will flow fast and secure

Once you’re on a roll with your alt, rep flows very fast despite the small amounts of quest rep. Anibell, my paladin, started on Saturday with 2500 rep and ended up at 9500 by late afternoon. Well, you just do things in Suramar, and it happens.

As long as I have all my alts to complete their Suramar questline, it’s vital not to fall into grind. I take my pace: for example, one toon completes a chunk of plot, and the other does another questline. You don’t want to be doing one and the same pieces for every toon one after another the same day. I take at least a day or two for things to settle. Shortcuts and best ways to complete questlines remain, but the quests seem comparatively fresh.

In other words: take you time.


That’s Jeeves. He has a hobby of racing with my other cat, and his shortcut to the windowsill is through my computer mouse area.

Knowing that, I don’t allow any drinks in tall opened vessels near my laptop. Exceptions happen though.

I had a beer from a bottle on Sunday night, and Jeeves was racing by. Beer went over the keyboard, and then whenever I type anything, my laptop adds 666 after every symbol I type. Sometimes it starts printing 666666 by itself.

Long story short, it’s two computer-less days for me, and a $64-worth whole keyboard replacement in service center. With a single swish of the tail :)

I love the dude.

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