Yet Another Race Swap

So, my tiny plan is complete now.

Like I wrote before, my blood elf has stopped resonating with me as a paladin. Tank or healer vibe just doesn’t work with them for me. I remember playing blood elves in Warcraft III: Frozen Throne – and they were all filled with grief and rage. Perfect vengeance material.

My paladin Gardell was played as a Sin’dorei fireblade:


This far I was just tired of it. The more she was spending her time at the Light Chapel, class order hall, the more I feel she doesn’t fit.

As the purpose was drifting towards class fantasy, I had very few options. And the obvious choice were of course humans – the initial paladins.

Played up to eleven: the serene disciple of the Holy Light – Anibell


And once I started some Suramar questing with her, I felt an enormous relief. I never realized how much tension it was: playing a blood elf paladin. And it’s suddenly gone.

Despite the “IT FITS!” fizzy happiness, she’s so motivated to avenge Varian’s death. More than any other toon. She’ll be the first to kick Gul’dan’s butt when she has an opportunity.

Just perfect.

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