BRAINS… I Mean, Reputatioooon!

Rep Grind

This would be my motto for the current pair of months.

Once my toons see a Nightfallen emissary, they all will jump up to complete its questing. They are like zombies, really. Their heads slowly turn to Suramar, and they go there, craving for world quests.

Nightfallen reputation is a key to immense amounts of Artifact Power, and storyline as well. You could pickle the other ones, but Nightfallen are essential.

The whole last night was dedicated to Nightfallen emissary questing for all toons. When I finished, it was 1 a.m. and 4-5/12k for every toon. It’s pretty strange how doing an emissary quest boosts your rep up. You don’t want to miss them if you want to come to finish.


Race Changes

There’s yet another time for race changes.

My paladin is a Blood Elf girl, and she’s played and mogged as a fireblade Sin’dorei fighter. Pretty cool, but the more I play, the more it doesn’t vibe with paladin theme. Besides, I cannot imagine her as a tank or a healer. It just doesn’t ring a bell with a blood elf for me. A vengeful, flaming fighter – that I could believe. But frankly speaking, it’s pretty far from the Holy Light theme.

I just want to play the most canonical card, and play it up to eleven. So I’m ordering a race change – blood elf girl for a human girl. Mogging is gonna be all very Alliance colors, shining armor and everything like that. A proper Holy Knight, and I’m even thinking of a roleplay, visiting some vital paladin places when she arrives. A human paladin… it just feels so right.

Speaking of race changes: I came to website, and I didn’t find a faction change option in the shop. So I went to tech support, and guess what? They advised me to try another internet browser.

  • Google Chrome: 6 WoW services
  • Mozilla firefox: 3 WoW services
  • Opera: 9 WoW services, incl. the required faction change

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