A Drunken Master

There was not much WoW yesterday’s evening.

We went hard on wine and beer with my wife and our friend yesterday. Just before going to bed I logged in to check the missions, and unexpectedly queued for Xavius with my monk of 828 ilvl – barely an entrance barrier.

I appeared to be the only tank in the raid. Just yelled who’d like to spec for a simple assisting tank task. One guy volunteered. I asked him to aggro Xavius off me at three stacks for a short time, and we started.

I was very drunk, and also kept spinning the camera to show my wife (who peered at the monitor) the cool animations of a gnome brewmaster in action from every angle, tossing kegs and stuff.

The fight was really fun. I didn’t experience any difficulties, although it was my very first Xavius tanking. Didn’t make the healers sweat, as I managed to maintain high healths, follow the mechanics and all. The other tank did everything right too.

Long story short, Xavius was down in few minutes.

Now Paitsu can call herself a true “Drunken Master” :)


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