As of now, I’m back into position which largely reminds me of leveling stage.

My toons’ artifact knowledge is finally good enough to proceed for Suramar, and that I do. My druid will be the last to hit Knowledge 15 (tonight), so it’s a solid foundation for completing Suramar questlines and see the traits shower at my artifacts.

The ultimate goal is of course the Nightfallen questline. It’s both keeping your toons up-to-date, and shovels just enormous heaps of artifact power in your face. It’s strange how most of the “loremaster” ones don’t give any reputation, so I’m gonna be all dailies on my toons. Never missing the emissary ones. By Micromantica’s pioneer experience, once you start digging rep, it’s completed pretty fast in spite of the tiny rep amount for quests.

Anyways, it’s gonna get me busy for a pair of months. I hope to come to finish or close to that by the new faction opening.

The other routine for me is raiding – that is, LFR in all the available LFRs.

Emerald Nightmare is pretty much on farm now. People effectively wipe only at Il’gynoth today – a tiny scruple of dps to finish him on the first time. And it’s only because few people don’t hold fast, but start running out of the room :) Trials of Valor is a problem, with wining, wipes and all. Yes, it’s a hard one, but could be managed.

LFR in Legion is very, very strange and different from my previous LFR experience. Frankly speaking, raids are not a source of gear upgrades anymore. They are a source of transmog options – and that is my focus now. I really need to collect all the plates, mails, leathers and cloths, and be done with it. If my ilvl grows a bit during the process – can’t say no to that.

Where to get upgrades? World quests.

Yesterday I peeped at my toon chart and saw that Gardell, my paladin, is only 822, and Aurinko, my priest, is only 823. And thus they were not available to step into Emerald Nightmare which has an enter barrier of 825.

It took me half an hour to pick the gear world quests and get them both ready to run LFRs.

The next goal is gaining my toons Trials of Valor and The Nighthold access – 830 and 835 in case of LFR. That would be easy.

Bless the world quests.


Aurinko raiding!


2 thoughts on “Routines

  1. My “to-do routine” is getting a bit long, I fear for my ambition!
    Still, the LFR gave me a titan-forged piece that was better than anything I’d gotten in Normal and Heroic EN. Since the LFRs have also given me my Legendary pieces; I feel I must do them once a week. They might be on farm but are still rewarding and a great chance to work on your rotation or try new talent set-ups.


    • Since it’s the only raid difficulty I ever do, they are sort of obligatory to see the lore and try a big group content :)
      I mean that there are other options to get gear now, and it’s so cool.

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