Highmountain Zone Review: Highmountain Stands


Despite the name, you quickly learn that Highmountain is not about mountains as you travel. The paths here are really straightforward, and you almost never struggle with the need of taking a detour. Once you’ve discovered the flight paths, your logistics here are a pleasure. Even the peak itself is user-friendly.

What also helps is the nice spreading of hostile mobs. You’d never have to struggle through armies unless you came to struggle them on purpose. If you have to walk through packs somewhere, you’re doing it wrong. There are many perfectly safe highways too, so this all makes the zone quite relaxing to be in.

All the thumbs up for logistics are a bit spoiled with a pair of locations. First, it’s your path to Illidari camp. Whatever you do, you would grab a PvP flag on your first way there. Second, it’s the central hub, home of the moose tauren. Yes, you’ve guessed right. While the access to the eastern part is mere pleasure, everything else is achieved via elevators. That’s most discouraging, especially through leveling questing when you have to return to the chieftain after every quest hub.

The questing itself is probably the fastest of all zones. Once again, we need to make a whole out of parts, and this is my favorite thing. Here we need to unite the tribes helping them across the zone. One of them is corrupted, so we have a replacement – drogbar. I’m not a fan of the creatures, they are basically redesigned orcs.

All in all the story here is… nice. It feels a bit like you came in a kindergarten, you doing it all with an affectionate smile, but don’t take all the fuss seriously. The main nemesis, Dargrul, is like playing in a sandbox. He’s got this nuke – the Hammer, but he can’t use it properly. They are just bullying for fun :)

All the tribes feel like kids too. They are peaceful, very cute, and they have no clue. I don’t really know why Mayla became a chieftain. She didn’t do anything. We helped the tribes and brought them together, then we took her to watch a retro-video about Deathwing and the black dragon, and bam, she’s chieftain.

If I had to choose a true chieftain for the moose tauren, it would be Jale Rivermane. I’m a fan of the lady – and her voice too.

The story somewhat lacked epicness in the end of all, but it was so cosy and whole that I enjoyed it very much.

The zone itself is my favorite of all. I like the winter-touched zones, but here it’s not the winter in all its rage. It feels like spring, chilly breeze and warm air, fresh grass under your feet. I just love travelling there, just riding the roads. The same perfect verge of greens and snow was in Grizzly Hills and Howling Fjord.

My favorite zone.

Highmountain Points

  • Storyline: 4/5
  • Safe Hubs/Spots: Perfect
  • Visuals: 5/5
  • Travel Comfort: 5/5, except elevators and PvP flagging to Illidari camp
  • Extra points: Jale Rivermane, the peak, murloc quests, Addie (!) in Nesingwary’s camp

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