7.1: End of the Game?

So, I am busy, and I have things to do despite whatever patches come out.

So far the 7.1 patch had little impact on my activities. There are new feathery world quests which I did among others (not the best if you ask me, no background and grindy), there’s some buffs to classes which I didn’t notice much – although my Frost Death Knight Mindebad is a deal happier now. Oh, and there’s Nomi averting himself from Burning Kitchen beliefs a bit.


I did all the leveling for my 12 alts, completing the initial four zones’ Loremaster and Explorer 12 times. The storylines in Legion have a strong replaying potential. When you stop reading quests on a certain alt, each zone is blasted through in two hours – that’s fast, if you ask me.

The story lines are fun and engaging, but compared to WoD, they lack epicness though. Sylvanas/Genn story is about a plan failed. Vrykul part is never about danger, but working for a ‘good boy’ title for the local Santa Claus – Odin. Seriously, he’s kind, he’s in charge and there’s no danger while he’s there on the throne. I feel myself like earning good marks in school when working for Valar’jar.

In Highmountain, Feltotem feels like a way more intimidating and dangerous enemy than the official nemesis, kindergarten underground orcs drogbar. Their leader can’t even manage the Hammer, so we come to the sandbox and quite naturally take it from him with no effort.

Azsuna ended awkwardly: there was a nice blue dragon mid-storyline, but the naga invasion ends with nothing. We grab the Tidestone from them, we kill the lady boss even before entering a dungeon, and after killing the invasion general as a first boss, we’re suddenly bound into weather improving quest – which also happens way outside the isles. I’m no kidding: instead of epic ending we go somewhere far in the ocean and deal with bad weather.

Val’sharah alone can boast the cosmic scales of a storyline. It delivers the real danger, and we have to deal with it both in dungeon and raids afterwards. The heartbreaking ending made me cry EVERY FUCKING TIME I watched it. And I never dared to skip the video for any of my toons.

All in all, Blizzard owes us at least four machinima cutscenes for leveling part. But I enjoyed the process.


With Suramar becoming not obligatory for World Quests, I’m deeply focused on Class Order Hall campaigns at the moment. My alts are deep inside the needed questing and dungeons, and are now at middle or final parts. Four campaigns are already completed: Mage (obviously), Warlock, Warrior – and today Hunter.

I strongly enjoy the storylines bound within these pieces of lore. Every class deals with Legion – remember why we are here in the first place? Every class deals with a specific problem about Legion – it’s not repeating itself, so they are all painting a big picture of hitting Legion at all fronts. For example, Hunters’ responsibility is the infamous Houndmaster Hakkar (a sort of a hunter with pets himself, heh).

Also whatever epicness lacks from leveling, it’s way more prominent in order hall campaigns. My focus.

All alts now always have artifact research orders running. If I’m out of resources on one of my toons, it’s immediate world quests for the toon to fuel the research.

The main goal for my main now is completing the first Suramar campaign and proceed with the plot. I’ve crawled up to 8000/21000 rep, and it’s yet 12000 to get to the final story piece here. Eagerly awaiting the emissary quests. Never had any luck with withered training. I didn’t like the quest at all, so I just don’t bother. It requires some satanic piles of mana resources, so I don’t wish to scrape them first, then go for a grind.

There’s so much to do beside the campaigns. I have lots of profession quests on hold. I have many side quests to complete and see what they are about. Long story short, it’s no rush, there’s much to do and have fun.

Now to sad news:

Mythics & Lore

Fuck you, Blizzard. There, I mean it.

I guess all the point of adding LFR/LFD tool is letting the casual players see the story and NOT schedule their game activity, joining the groups when they can. It worked so far. Although I had a rant about the Mythic Highmaul and Hellfire Citadel which hid very important lore pieces behind the mythic level: killing Archimonde in Twisting Nether which means it’s final now, and killing Cho’gall in Highmaul – which means we don’t expect to see him anymore. It was not wise. You could learn about the death of the key characters occasionally if you read communities and blogs, and someone slips it. It’s not how storytelling works.

So, now they hid three dungeons – and lore pieces – being Mythic-only difficulty. Of course someone likes hardcore modes as a challenge, someone does not. In my personal opinion, Mythic +number is like jerking off while dancing. Ok, now try the same with a jug of hot water on the head. Challenge! I vote for easier modes.

Mark you, it’s not the difficulty I’m worrying about. The cooldown for Mythic dungeons is one week which reduces the amount of players eager to join them. When you are ready to go to Mythics, all guildmates have already run them, and don’t see a single reason to go and wipe again. Groups require some enormous ilvl because they want a fast run. If you start your own group, get ready to sit and watch a movie while you won’t be able to do anything in the open world except waiting for guys, most of them realm hopping.

I don’t know what will happen later in the expansion, but for now it seems that I’ll be seeing this content in the next expansion, soloed.

No mythics for me yet.

Illidan Story: Panda-Style Grind

Oh yes, I’ve nearly forgotten. If you worked through the Heart of Light questline, your 7.1. gift is grinding 80 pieces of someshit. Drops from dungeon final bosses only. Non-guaranteed drop. 10 pieces a week most.

If you’re lucky and get at least 1 drop of two bosses, you will have to do 160 dungeons. Just stop here and think of it. Unless you’re running mythics with keys of course: the more keys you have, the more pieces of someshit you get. And in theory you could complete this part in two months. But only in theory.

Jerk off, while dancing with a jug of hot water on your head, blinking with one eye and reciting a poem.

FYI, it’s nothing but Illidan, the central figure and storyline of the whole expansion and probably the next one.

Lore, my ass.


So far I’m happy without mythics, but I’ll be really sad in the closest perspective when there will be nothing else left to do. And it seems like no choice either. Blizzard walks a dangerous road.

4 thoughts on “7.1: End of the Game?

  1. I’m getting pretty bitter about mythic dungeons and they can wait, as far as I’m concerned. I’m completely offended that Kara is supposed to be one thing (lore, mechanics and spread over two days maybe) and that it is a speed run to see the final boss — fuck it, I’ll do it when I am “geared”.

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  2. I have a feeling, or at least a hope, that with 7.2 there will be a lowering of the difficulty requirement for completing a lot of the quests. Kara will be something I do years from now when I can solo it

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  3. In 7.2:
    “Karazhan will be broken into Upper and Lower sections, queueable random heroics, Mythic+ as well.
    Court of Stars and The Arcway will also become queueable.” I think it’s a good news :)


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