All Weapons To Be Acquired…

In the coming week I’ve decided to acquire all artifacts for my toons. You know, lore-sake.

Of course I have no problem with all-DPS toons.

Artifact quests are easily completed in other specs. I had no specific problems with getting all three Mage artifacts while Frosting them all, all three Rogue artifacts with Assassination, both Shaman artifacts in Elemental. I’m pretty sure I will easily nail all Warlock weapons in my Destruction.

I even nailed Hunter’s Marksmanship quest in Survival, although it required ranged shooting and kiting by design – because mobs dealt strongest AoE around them. Now I’m sure I can get Beast Mastery artifact too – with Marksmanship weapon if Survival won’t work.

DPS artifacts were a piece of cake for tanking toons in tanking specs: both for Warrior and the one for Monk.

Now, here comes the trouble: I need to get tanking and healing artifact weapons for DPS-only toons.


Mindebad the Death Knight – I’ve never touched Blood, ever, and I don’t even know how it works and what the spells are. I would try to Frost through the quest, even if it means a bit dying.

Melaris the Demon Hunter – I’ve played a tanking demon hunter during invasions, I’ve caught the general idea, so I will switch to Vengeance if things go really tough.

Mayluna the Druid – I’ve worked through several Hellfire Citadel LFR bosses as a Bear, so I think I’m gonna win this easily. Rumors are that bears became even more healthy in Legion.

Gardell the Paladin – I have only 15-36 level tanking experience, I think I will fail and fail.


The most trouble are of course healer artifact weapons. I’m no healer, I hated the role when I had to do it, and it’ll be all sweat and blood. But I need to get:

  • Priest: 2
  • Shaman: 1
  • Monk: 1
  • Paladin: 1
  • Druid: 1

I have little to no experience with all these specs. I’ve tried only Holy Priest for Mechanar dungeon and Restoration Druid for 15-64 levels while leveling. And I’ve never even specced into paladin, monk and shaman healers.

Six disasters are coming.

The healing experience might be fun albeit for the weapon quest only. But is it possible to DPS through them if things get tough?..

3 thoughts on “All Weapons To Be Acquired…

  1. I was shocked that I did the Feral Artifact quest in Resto spec! I didn’t know I was doing it, I just followed an exclamation point. You can change specs at any time and (at least for the Resto-Druid) it required One Dispel and then some DPSing. So, switching specs as you go might work for the healing runs.
    Go get them! It is on my list too and they are cool.

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  2. In my experience (Restoration Druid), the quest for the healing artifact was designed with the understanding that you are playing a healing character. There were no DPS races involved. :) So give it a try; hopefully, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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