The barrage begins… now!


Micromantica, my flagship ‘main’, is extremely enjoying the main Suramar questline, as it opens more and more stories when she makes some reputation progress. The lessons of Krasarang are well-learned and finally put in use since patch 5.1.

I even put half of a questline on hold till the next day to savor the lore.

Micromantica ran her first heroic dungeon – Black Rook Hold. It was fun! The encounters were easy enough for the group to work through them. I had only a few seconds to peep into dungeon journal just before bosses to learn the major mechanics, and I didn’t fail. Funny thing: after an Illidari boss, me, the other dps and the healer jumped to the ground floor and couldn’t find our way back. So our tank had to return for us and lead us again. The dungeon is extremely labirinthy. You could wander there for ages on your own.

She got a 830 belt and effectively wasted 7k garrison resources to improve her Class Hall items 810 -> 830. I guess all I need is to find a third artifact relic, and I’m good for the first LFR. Either way, I’ll be running heroic dungeons for achievement.

I got a quest from Class Order Hall which sends me to mythic Eye of Azshara. They say it will enhance the power my artifact, and I’m eager to learn how.

Auction prices for cloth are finally reasonable, so I bought a pair of silk stacks and completed the next quest for Tailoring – you need to craft the basic Legion things. Guess what? The next quest asks me to craft some very-very old items in presence of the quest giver. Items from Vanilla and WotLK! How cool is that? The idea is awesome, because long-forgotten recipes are still relevant!

The Pawn Move

The Pawn Move is a term I’ve invented myself. Imagine a first move of your chess pawn one square forward to gain initiative and establish a position.

In WoW, whatever you do – you must move your alts to at least 101 level. It will take you completing approximately half of the first zone – 1-2 hours at most.

Then you can set them in their order halls, and they begin to use mission tables to upgrade artifacts and followers with 2 minutes of your attention daily. It’s the most important thing now.

I’m glad to report that the last two of my toons made that step: Paitsu yesterday, and Microfury today. Now I’m logging in 12 garrisons daily. AP levels, character experience and follower experience grow very fast. The rewards are really, really meaningful at this stage.

Do it. Make the Pawn Move for your alts, and then you are free to prepare you main for raids or whatever it does. Once you want to grab your alt, you’ll find it at artifact level 7 and a level or two up. And your leveled followers will not gate you from completing order hall campaign later on.


My tanking warrior gnome Bons is likely to be my focus in the coming couple of days. She just dinged 109, she has the final battle in Highmountain left, and then she will burst through Val’sharah storyline to complete her leveling and become my second 110.

6 thoughts on “Trivia

  1. Very good advice on the Pawn Move; brilliant even.
    It seems that things never really “settle down” in this expansion but I think we are starting to see a routine. Are you using the App? Flipping thru 12 followers might be faster (loading screens!) on the app.


    • Nay, I’m always a step (or several steps) behind considering gadgets :) My current iOS at iphone 4 doesn’t support the app, but I’m gonna upgrade this autumn and then use the app extensively.

      Yes, I guess you need to walk the path for at least one toon, then it will be way easier with alts.

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  2. I love the Suramar quest lines especially the ones in the city. It’s easily my most favourite place in the Broken Isles.
    Ooh I like your pawn move idea.. that might have to happen this weekend :)


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