These Boots Are Made For Walking…


I don’t know if anyone has tried it yet. I’m almost sure he or she did. But here’s the deal: you need to measure Azeroth continents by foot.

The uber-goal is:

Proving that you cannot underestimate the size of the world – and feel it with your own feet. Measure how long does it take to walk Azeroth continents by foot. Roleplay. Enjoy!

Here are the rules of the Challenge:

  1. You walk
  2. You walk
  3. You walk
  4. You cannot run (run is your default movement setting, so you need to switch to walk before you start)
  5. You cannot use any movement spells (levitation, ice walk, teleport, blink etc.)
  6. Mounts and any means of transportation are prohibited
  7. You must make your way from the most southern point of continent to the most northern point or vice versa (islands on the continent ends don’t count)
  8. You can choose any way you like. It maybe the roads or shortcuts through the wilds or both.
  9. You can rest on your way – roleplay is welcome (resting in taverns, setting camps etc.)
  10. You can logout and continue the next day, but your toon must stay on the road.
  11. You count only the actual walking time. If you logout, stop for a rest, fight, die – you stop the timer and resume it after you’re on the road again.
  12. To complete the challenge, you must walk through at least one continent. A good challenger takes EK or Kalimdor, but Pandaria or Northrend are welcome to collect data for Explorer’s League.
  13. Friends can join you of course!

I’m gonna try this :)

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