Invasions & Re-rolling Specs

Invasions – First Week

With all my scary chart published in a previous post, it’s not tedious or long to complete it. Invasions appeared to be fun and entertaining – and a ‘morning coffee’ routine that filled the gap of dailies and garrison missions.

They fit perfectly. If you have at least 20 spare minutes, you can go to your nearest invasion, and get your credit for helping Azeroth. Raise your ilvl and prepare for Legion. That’s a very nice time/reward balance.

Like all dailies, it doesn’t seem like you can do 6 or 10 invasions in one sit without getting bored. But all the diversity of Legion commanders and places – that’s a really good job of making them the least boring as possible.

I’ve already got almost all mogging (except a mail belt), I’ve got the bat pet, I’ve bought a toy (12k was worth all the farming time), and I’m rapidly rolling to acquire all the slots with 700 items for every alt.

I think by the end of the week all my now-16 toons will be good and done with invasions and their prizes.

Invasion loot drawbacks: 

– Only one ring available. It’s not bad for the guys with Epic Ring, but it’s a shame for Demon Hunters and alts who didn’t catch the train of Draenor epic storyline.

– Only one trinket available – well, that’s just plain silly, because we have two slots.

– Not all weapon types are available. That makes it unfair for certain classes, and I felt it. There’s a wand for casters, but there’s no off-hand, or any staff to replace them two – that affects priests, shaman, mages, warlocks. There are no shields, which also hits caster types (paladin, shaman) and protection classes (paladins, warriors). It’s plain silly design, because why would some classes or specs have an advantage before the others?


Legion brought us some class changes, and I put them into the proper test-drive with invasions. Before, there was no reason for open world testing. Now there is a reason – invasions.

While I liked most of the renewed specs that I played before, it appeared that I am eventually NOT satisfied with some of them. It has nothing to do with the spec power – after all, I still need to learn playing them to its full capacity, and I never cared about my numbers anyways.

It’s all about the pleasure of playing a certain spec, the vibe of it. Ending up with ‘Thank gods the invasion is over – so I don’t need to perform the fight with this toon’ makes you think: it’s time to change your spec to play in Legion.

And I did.

Microfury the Warlock

Affliction -> Destruction. Especially after completing the Green Fel Fire quest chain, it’s very much enjoyable. Actually I’ve changed that even before pre-patch, but i put it to proper test these days. Yes, I will stick to that.

Lizgun the Hunter

Marksmanship -> Survival. Marksmanship was pretty ruined for me, it’s become very complex, and well, not enjoyable. Survival it is. It’s new, fun, and it has one, not millions of pets like BM. I may return to Marksmanship, but I’m not really into it now.

Mayluna the Druid

Balance -> Feral. Mayluna has a complex spec history: she started as restoration, ultimately hated everything about healing role by level 55, switched to balance, balanced through MoP and WoD and tried to tank a pair of LFR in Draenor too. Now it’s time for her to be Feral. I was always not sure about Balance, and finally I want a swifter fighter than a feathery mortar. Cat it is, and cat is cool through field tests.

 Schlitzchen the Shaman

Enhancement -> Elemental. Now, that’s new – and of yesterday’s decision. Previously I praised the new Enhancement, well that didn’t work for me in the field. All the cool animations are very convincing at a dummy, but are completely lost in the field – so it was just axe swinging. Besides, enh seemed very squishy for a mail armor melee. Elements it is.

I grasped the idea very quickly, and it is totally satisfying – I’m enjoyng hurling the elements at my foes. Before Legion reboot I’ve mercilessly deleted my try of an elemental shaman at her 30s, because it was awfully ridiculous. ‘Plink’ is not a lightning spell imo. Now the whole spell range feels powerful, and into shaman fantasy. So I’m playing Elemental in Legion. Despite the fact that Schlitzchen was faithful and totally happy with Enhancement through Pandaria and Draenor campaign.

So, here are my tweaks about the past week.

2 thoughts on “Invasions & Re-rolling Specs

  1. Good posting! I think that is a great idea, I think I’ll focus again on Feral (keeping Resto as my group focus). I’ve been wondering how to level up in the Broken Isles and questing in general — no reason not to go feral!
    I really liked Feral “way back when” I started out and this, with easy spec swapping, might be a lot more fun than boomkin.


  2. I may have to change my main, i liked the changes for shadow priest in beta when i read about them, but now the spec feels weak, insanity as a resource is out of control, much like demon form for Demonology warlocks in WoD, which i did not like and made me switch to affliction, now i wish to see shadow orbs back, at least i can have some control over how to spend them … anyway, it seems many people are not happy with the changes, but we still don’t have artifact weapons yet.


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