Invasions… Are You Ready?

…because I am :)

It’s Tuesday on EU realms, and the next part of Legion introduction is coming on Wednesday morning.

I could say I’m pretty much ready for the event.

Priest Leveling

  • I’ve scrolled back through my posts, and found out that I rolled my shadow priest on July 11. Yesterday she hit 100 – which means that I needed less than a month to raise her to level cap.
  • She was speed leveling, resting before logging out, using heirlooms and potions, never lingering in a zone if she was able to quest in the next one, and eagerly doing dungeon runs – although not many in a row.
  • She made it to 100 pretty fast and not in a tiresome manner.
  • She’s 700 at tailoring (because I need bags for this realm), she’s 700 at first aid and cooking. She’s 300 or so at herbalism – herbalism granted extra XP.
  • She explored 75% of the world map, and obviously the rest should be done too in the coming few days.
  • She race-changed around 55 lvl from night elf Arrolyn to gnome Baisa – because night elf shadow priest just didn’t work for me.
  • She’s very squishy, weak and not enjoyable while leveling – at all. A common mob of your level will beat out at least 50% of health bar by the time it’s dead. And you need to self-heal during and after the fight. She’s fine in dungeons and raids though.
  • She’s 621 ilvl, and I think it’s LFR runs until the expansion starts – to raise her ilvl a bit.
  • Finally, with garrisons nerfed and no epic ring available, she sees absolutely no reason to build a shipyard or garrison tier 3. That’s the point when Garrison became optional! So she won’t do that.
  • She’s my 15th character, and all 15 toons are 100, ready for Legion.

Epic Rings

  • Three cooldowns for Oluu made it 32/33 tomes – and I didn’t tank Archimonde even once yet. So, it’s one more tome tomorrow, she gets her ring, and kills Archimonde.
  • That makes it 14 rings.


  • Few tweaks happened here and then, but all my toons are safe and sound with their brand new rotations – and sometimes brand new specs. They are ready to battle Legion.


  • I’m doing some boss runs for weapon illusions. 39/45 now :) Yet I have plenty of Rogue pocket picking to do – you can earn one more illusion for 5k coins, and a toy for 10k coins. That’s a casual time-consuming grind project.

Demon Hunters

  • Obviously I’m rolling one tomorrow. Like I planned, it’s gonna be a Blood Elf girl.
  • Blizzard’s DH presentation video helped me to decide that I want to DPS, not tank. Didn’t like tank’s abilities much, but we shall see.
  • Haven’t saved a name for her yet – by my experience, it’s useless. You can have a bunch of names beforehand, but once you look into the eyes of your toon, you suddenly understand that none fits, and you have to invent a new one. This happened many times to me.


  • I’ll be doing them – it seems like a fun and leisure time with rewards :)
  • Obviously achievements, mogging, unique pets and toys are my goals.
  • New gear would be an upgrade for all my toons, but it’s not so important to me.

Bigger Projects

  • All my toons maxed their First and Second professions, Cooking and First Aid to 700.
  • All my toons are around 690 ilvl.
  • All my toons are having their Epic Rings
  • All my toons have explored all the maps of Azeroth and beyond.
  • Pandaria Archaeology is completed in full.

Well, just bring it on :)

2 thoughts on “Invasions… Are You Ready?

  1. “Just bring it” is right! I’ve been chasing the weapon enchant illusions and old school raids for tmog because there wasn’t a whole lot left to do!
    Thanks for the tip on the rogue illusion, I didn’t know that there were class-specific illusions. I wonder if any other class got them. The irony of running old raids for the illusions on my hunter is not lost on me!
    Good luck in those Invasions!


    • From what I know there is one from Ragnaros (Molten Core) for a mage and one from Tectus for a shaman. But it appears in the mogging list only for the class, so you might want to login with each class and browse collections to see if they have something personal.

      Drops are different. I had 7 Blackhand runs – no illusion yet. 10 Kargath runs when it finally dropped. 14 Kilrogg runs when it finally dropped. 1 Nerzhul run – got it.

      There are two raid bosses from Pandaria which drop illusions – that I will farm at my 110. And one from Nefarian – it’s a bit tricky for me at my 100 as well.

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