No Need In Addons

Fussypants gives her opinion why she doesn’t see any need in many addons for her gameplay. I would agree with her major points:

Why would I install an addon to be just a little bit more productive if I’m already perfectly content where I am?

That perfectly matches my point of view. I don’t care very much if I could plant an extra 1k into my DPS counter. My effectiveness is defined in the field while questing. Mobs, packs of mobs and elite mobs while leveling put your skills to test. You need to deliver good, even perfect DPS one-on-one, AoE and survive longer battles with elites. And when things go tough, you learn your defence as well. There’s no tank, healer or other DPS to aid you or cover for you. So when I learn matching my enemies, I bring this to dungeons and raids and I’m happy with it. I have my rotations ready.

Addons are only useful if they are doing things I can’t do by myself.

Yes. And there are little-to-no situations which I can’t handle by myself or after reading a guide. I don’t need an addon to take my leash and shove my snout into where a quest or treasure item is. It kills the fun of exploration totally. I don’t need an addon to tell me when some boss phase starts – because you learn it after one or two fights by yourself.

I don’t need interface-altering addons. From what I’ve seen in the screenshots, they’re just basically ruining the WoW interface with mismatched fonts, colors, design and everything. I like those silver dragons around my panels and how these panels are arranged. I’m happy to have bags and arrange things in them.

I’m happy with my buttons where they are.

I’ve come with my own scheme of putting my buttons in their places. It doesn’t differ much from class to class – because I group my buttons by their purpose and try to place them in one and the same area. So it’s very easy for me to go to a class that I didn’t play for a while and quickly remember what it does.

Examples (images are clickable and open in new window):


Group 1 – keys 1-6. This is my main offence rotation for every toon. Even more, I put the meaning in the keys themselves.

  • Button 1 is ALWAYS a builder spell. It generates Light, Maelstrom, Combo Points, Chi – name it.
  • Button 2 is usually a minor spell which is essential in rotation.
  • Button 3 is normally a powerful finisher or a proc ability.
  • Buttons 4-5 are saved for the most powerful spells with bigger cooldown.

Group 2 – here are major buff cooldowns (rings, bloodlusts, icy veins etc.)

Group 3 – defence. Healing and shields.

Group 4 – interrupts.

Group 5 – recreation. Resurrects, food, teleports.

Group 6 – obviously mounts. Major flyer, water strider, yak.

Group 7 – professions.


Group 1 is divided into Group 1.1. and Group 1.2. because we have a wide range of AoE here. That goes to buttons 5-8.

With tanking, there’s a small change. While everything is grouped almost the same way, defence abilities play a bigger part, so they are concentrated by my mouse in the center where I can click them quickly:



With these setups, I’m very happy and I never even feel an urge to alter or add something new.

No addons for me.

3 thoughts on “No Need In Addons

  1. For me, I acknowledge the need for addons. I can’t imagine facing 13 different garrisons several times a day (at it’s peak) without a helper to speed load the missions. The same with the Auction House, the effort to sort through thousands of offerings to undercut the average is beyond my ken and patience….and I don’t want a mail from someone calling me a sucker. Altoholic has been a blessing from Elune; it has saved me the need to be organized at a level that would make having Alts a mini-game of storage challenges.
    Now that I’ve defended myself, lol; the fewer the better and none is pretty impressive.


    • Lol, apparently I can be pushy while proving my points :)

      There’s no need to be defensive by all means. Addons could be a great help, but its use is limited within the borders of a certain PC/Mac/laptop. We can express our attitudes, but never, ever dictate or scorn others for using/not using them. I guess it refers to all the gameplay as well.

      I’ve come across the guys who apparently know better which spec should I play, which addons should I use… They think they’re helping (if in a sort of arrogant manner), but they’re not. If a guy starts an account with a sole reason to do pokemon battles or fishing – it’s their way. Who are we to ruin each others’ fun in the end of all? :)

      Posts like this are about sharing the experience, but also they are about trying to show some opportunities. Opportunities, not orders or the only way to do. It’s always interesting to learn from those who are killing mythic bosses, but also from the ones who level to 100 by kissing squirrels *Doubleagent* :)


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