Pre-Patch 7.0.3. – New Things & Routines

Again it was a very busy weekend. But I’m almost ready for August invasions now.

All the New Things

It seems I’m good with what pre-patch brought us:

  1. I’ve acquired most class-specific toys, glyphs and abilities. Some of them are appearing once in a while, and people could buy it out. So I will have to return there from time to time when the hype is lowered down a bit. By the way, I’ve learned that Light’s Chapel in Plaguelands acquired a Class Order panel on top of the screen if you come there with your Paladin.
  2. I went for some mechanical pets with my Goblin Hunter. It was just for fun sake. I’m gonna run with something warm and with fur, not cogs. Like my wolf Diretail which I had since the beginning. Still I have a mechanical chicken and mechanical strider now. I also happened to assemble and tame a green mechanical Juggernaut – it looks just like the boss from Siege of Orgrimmar. I have also tamed Thok although I didn’t plan it, and I don’t really need it. But Thok should have been tamed – everyone was curious to see how one of the most dangerous bosses in SoO becomes a pet in a blink of an eye :) Only BM hunters could tame Thok, so I switched a spec for this “battle”. Actually the “battle” lasted just these seconds of taming.  In case I’m switching to BM someday, I have a specific pet now.
  3. Fishing Time!  It took me 2 sessions, each one was 2 hours. I got Riding Turtle in the first 30 minutes, then I just kept collecting Nat’s Lucky Coins. I want that Crimson Strider. Like I said, it took me 4 hours to get the desired number of 100 coins. Now I need to get to Exalted with Nat himself – I’m doing it through rare catch dailies in Pandaria. This will take some time. It’s a ‘morning coffee thing’ number one!
  4. My ‘morning coffee thing’ number two would be a single daily in Storm Peaks with vrykul girls. It’s easy and fast, and it’s a chance to loot a bear. A ghost chance, actually. But you never get it until you try and try, right?
  5. Tomes of Illusions – I got them all. It took me a little farming, a big amount of cash (8k or so), but it was fun. Now I got almost all the illusions except the boss drops. Karazhan gave me 2 out of 3 from there. Not a single drop from Kargath, Tectus or Killrogg, although I ran them multiple times with different toons. Nefarian was greedy once. Yogg-Saron was greedy 2 times, and he also was greedy about Mimiron’s Head again. Well, what can I say? I will get them once.

The post about classes is coming :)

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