Leveling Experiment: Full Throttle

So, as long as I need a priest for the new Feat of Strength coming in Legion, I’ve started one yesterday.

Guess what? She’s 25 today.

  • Yesterday’s morning: 1-8 (Teldrassil)
  • Yesterday’s evening: 8-20 (Teldrassil finished, 2 quests in Loch Modan, Wailing Caverns)
  • Today’s morning: 20-25 (3 quest hubs in Wetlands)

Everything is already known about fast leveling, but my rules are:

  • All heirlooms available (which I had upgraded yesterday to work at levels 1-90)
  • Dungeon runs! (did only one though, I queued when it was very late in the night in our region).
  • Try and rest in taverns and cities. Although if it means a flight to tavern before logout and then a flight back to quest hub after login, then not
  • The most important thing: leave a zone immediately after you reach its cap. If Wetlands is 20-25, then when I reach 25, I’m off to Arathi no matter quest chains.
  • I’ve picked up Tailoring, because bags, and Herbalism. Collecting herbs gives a solid exp boost just on your way.

This sneaky Night Elf priestess is called Arrolyn, and I’ve spent an hour or so in barbershop and mogging shop before I got her right. Now I totally love her! I’m never tired to repeat this: you MUST waste your time and get the toon appearance you totally like. Otherwise you’ll just hate the toon and wouldn’t want to invest any effort in it. That is important!

She manifests Void and Darkness. It would have been easier to find groups as a healer, but healing as an activity just doesn’t appeal for me. Shadow Priesting is fun yet :)

13 thoughts on “Leveling Experiment: Full Throttle

  1. Shadow priest are great, you have self healing and shield, with good gear you have high DPS, and if you think about the fantasy of the spec, you can imagine how evil or “baddass” are the shadow priests, they use the light, they are not sacrificing life to get power like warlocks, and in Legion we learn that they use the void power, it’s a balance they have to maintain, otherwise they will be consumed by the void.

    What i really wish to see is hybrid spec, i really like to play a supporting role, not a healer but i want to heal when there is a need to it, sometimes i do, shield + flash heal does not do much but it may give the healer time to pull the tank back to full health.

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    • I was thinking more of ‘mind games’ fantasy :) Like an evil psychiatrist xD

      ‘High DPS’ is never a reason for my class, spec or talent choice. I would pick what’s fun to play and try to do my best. But I never know if I’m better than others, or if my dps is good or bad for current ilvl. Just doing my job and having fun :)


      • And there’s Mystic class in Allods Online I used to play. I can never forget a battle of me and another faction Mystic. It took us 20 minutes, throughout the zone. We fought for mind control over each other to plant a spell. It was a literal battle of minds! No bolts flying.


  2. I’m a little odd. Whenever I’m leveling up a toon I get myself hearthed to the Shrine, if my friend is generous then the flight paths to Booty Bay, the Graveyard in Duskwood, Redridge and Thorium point — for pet battles! Those quick dailies always seem to satisfy.
    Good luck on your speed run!


  3. Oh my goodness.. how did I miss this fos coming in? I want this! Currently I’m missing monk,warrior and rogue at level cap so I’ll need to get them closer to 100 to make it easier to get started on this achievement in legion.


  4. […] Gnomecore  brought to my attention that there is going to be a Feat of Strength for completing 12 different Class Order Campaigns: A Legendary Campaign. This is one I’m really looking forward to. An achievement for bringing up a ton of alts is awesome and guarantees I’ll have them all leveled by the end of the expac. […]


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