PTR Day 3: Broken Isles Enter Scenario

I have tested the opening scenario for Broken Isles yesterday. The post is spoiler-free – and for a reason.

So, I’ve picked up my goblin shaman Schlitzchen and went to Orgrimmar to queue for the starting scenario. I liked the shaman vibe on dummies, so I needed to test her in action.

It’s not unlike the WoD introduction in Tanaan around the Dark Portal. You are picked up on the shore by major characters – faction leaders – and you are pushing through the zone, completing goals. The pace is similar. As long as you cope with your current goal, the leaders of your faction and accompanying NPCs drag you forward, so there’s no time to muse.

You are supposed to beat the enemies with a group, the scenario is for 1-40 people (could be completed solo). We had 10 or so people in our group. Bad thing is: random people don’t act as a party. I suppose that mobs are scaled up to how many members are in your group, so you may often find yourself on the verge of death or aggroing a pretty strong and seemingly eternal mob all by yourself – that is, tanks and healers may not act like they should act. You have your new rotation to learn in combat as well, so you’re not playing with your full potential yet. Still, with care and precision, you could avoid death and perform well. And you are instantly rezzed by NPCs, so it’s not that fatal if you fall in battle.

My shaman felt pretty weak for some reasons – despite that damage numbers are way more awesome than I ever had it before on her. Maybe it’s the mobs’ increased health or whatever. Also I felt very strange about my lightning powers – what seemed to be an amazing hit-and-pin-to-the-ground AoE lightning ability became “lightnings aggro everything in 50 yards range after you’ve killed your current foe and you are not supposed to control it”. I mean: what?  I really need to check this through proper leveling, not in raids or rushing scenarios.

PTR is so PTR, and we didn’t manage to beat the scenario to the end. It was broken at its last step. There was a group of demons that are supposed to launch at us as long as we cope with them part by part, saving the strongest in the back. If you remember Siege of Niuzao Temple staircase? The idea is the same. And it was also flavored by constant torrent of small easy demons pouring from portal we were supposed to close.

The strong demons did nothing after 10 minutes we were slaying the pouring torrent, so we eventually pulled them in small groups and killed them. The smaller demon torrent won’t stop.Then only the big evil eredar was left, and he won’t aggro. The smaller demons kept coming, our NPCs held ground, and we all quit the scenario.

So I cannot tell how it ends but we saw some significant character death in the middle, Game of Thrones style. It seems that it will be merely a setback though – Blizzard loves doing that.

All in all the scenario is a nice and dramatic introduction, it gives the distinct feeling of despair and danger of the Legion. I won’t play the Alliance part  or replay the Horde one at PTR now – I will save it until pre-patch release.

  • There’s gonna be a tough time getting to know your class and spec, and you better do it before scenario. Otherwise you’re missing the story, because you concentrate on your panels and buttons.
  • You want to see the Alliance and the Horde introduction scenarios.
  • You want to wait for proper release to avoid the bugs.


One thought on “PTR Day 3: Broken Isles Enter Scenario

  1. I, too, ran a super buggy version. In our group, half the players ran ahead and the other half just stood and watched! But, it was cool; and laden with lore that can easily be missed.
    That is a very darn good tip: run both on alliance and horde. I only have one horde toon and thought he’d be languishing in his garrison for a few years but seeing both sides is important and interesting and I’ll do just that. Thanks!


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