Body Types in WoW

There are some issues with people who want some tuned diversity in their characters’ body type. You know, tuning weight/height/muscles and everything. But I think it mustn’t be implemented in-game.

It’s very true that in our life we meet quite different body types. But in game it serves another reason: race distinction.

Once a character is packed in gear head-to-toes, the only thing left to tell the race is body type. Of course, hooves, horns and long ears help a bit, but body type is meant to serve the primary race distinction feature.

If there is a single possibility that tuning a pair of characters would make them look the same, it mustn’t be there. For example, if you make a human girl thinner and taller and at the same time try to fix a blood elf girl into something more “human” (tuning height and thinness into least level possible), you would get almost the same toons, especially with all the armor on.

That is why elves would always be thin and tall, but humans won’t, gnomes would never be mixed with dwarves, and dwarves with other races because of their heights, orc women will always be muscular not to be mixed with thin troll girls, and so on.

Won’t vote for an option to change it.


This amazing art by Isaiah Stephens perfectly illustrates my point. Even if all these women are human, you could easily assign the WoW races to them. That is: body type is a race distinction in the game, and shouldn’t be customized.


My guess, left to right: Draenei – Human – Blood Elf/Night Elf – Dwarf – Worgen – Orc – Gnome/Goblin – Troll – Pandaren

By the way, I agree with the picture message :)

9 thoughts on “Body Types in WoW

  1. I agree entirely with you on that matter. I never felt the need in WoW to customize my characters any further than the posibilities that are already available. Tuning a characters’ body type would create confusion in certain races imo. Especially between humans, gnomes and dwarves since those don’t have distinct features like horns,…I, personally, wouldn’t opt for that kind of change in the game either.

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  2. I could think of a number of reasons to add it.

    Look at it from an RP perspective. The ability for a tall gnome to pass as a dwarf. Or a BElf to be able to easily walk among humans or NElfs as a spy.

    Also, perhaps someone wants to create a toon that they personally relate to.

    However, every permutation of race and body shape requires new art models for all armor and weapons (possibly movement animations too). I’m thinking it’d be a fairly sizable undertaking for Blizz and I’m not sure it’s worth it, in the long run.


    • Well, that’s the point. No one should be able to “pass” for another race, because that will lead to much confusion.

      1. There is a number of holiday and PvP race-related achievements which often require quick race-spotting and reacting with holiday object or offence. That’s only one example.

      2. Even if your game doesn’t require a certain race to interact with, it’s cool when you’re walking into a settlement or spotting another player and you can tell who you see at once. Adding body type options would automatically add them to NPCs too.

      3. Also consider this: elite enemies usually stand out by size as well.

      4. You won’t be able to “spy” as game mechanics would launch all guards at you being a hostile player anyways.

      5. As for “personal relation”, it’s only human race which falls under it. Because hey, what’s your personal relation to green skins or hulking horned creatures?


      • All valid points.

        On the matter of personal relation, I was speaking more of internal relation. Bold-jock types would relate to tall/muscular bodies, quiet-introverts would likely go for smaller frames. It’s all a flavor thing. For example, I actually relate to the the lore of the Tauren more than any other race. I’m not tall, muscular, hairy, or adorned with horns. Yet, they are the race that I find most closely aligns with my personality in-game.


      • So you see, no one would start a Tauren to make it a small Tauren – say, orc-height. And no one would start a gnome or a goblin to intimidate others by towering over them. When size or body type really matters, people go for certain race – I think that makes the trick.


  3. Layered on top of your good ideas as well as the commenters; we have the means to shape-shift. I have a locket that makes me look like a female night elf full time; while my gear isn’t reflected in the look — my silhouette is vastly different.


  4. This is an awesome post! I’m kinda sad that Foresaken are left out, and Trolls are WAY curvier than what’s shown.

    I’m totally nitpicking though. The message is 100% true. I wouldn’t change my characters for the world. They’re all in tune with their race and personality.


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