Nostalrius: Logical Ending

There are just a pair of very comprehensive points why we won’t be playing at any older WoW realms.


Blizzard couldn’t leave Nostalrius be, because after all it’s a pirate server. Giving Nostalrius a carte blanche will automatically mean a carte blanche for other pirate servers, because rules apply to everyone. And so you could flush the meaning of “intellectual property” in the toilet then.

Official Blizzard realm

Opening an older server is not about pressing a button. Either it’s Nostalrius hypothetically patronized by Blizzard or a Blizzard’s official vanilla realm, this automatically means that this realm is under Blizzard’s standards of quality. Fixing multiple bugs, 24-hour technical support, server capacity and everything. An ability may not work on a pirate server and it’s understandable, but if it’s Blizzard’s realm, you’ll just flood the tech support with bugs, requests and everything you find not working.

This requires time and work and employees and supervising.

And this kind of expenses just will not pay off. First, I don’t think people are going to pay any significant fee for extra Warcraft. Second, what will you do after Naxxramas is nailed after a 6-12 months of gaming? Request TBC?..

People will just face the same thing they’re facing now: boredom, so they will just quit after they’ve pleased their nostalgic feelings. Doesn’t sound like a business plan to me.


About leveling. Guys, no one – you hear me? – no one makes you use all the leveling buffs. Potions, heirlooms, friend invites.

I’ve recently leveled a Fire Mage from scratch. It took me a month of lazy playing. I didn’t use ANY heirlooms, I did every dungeon only ONCE and I gained my experience points mostly through questing and professions. It was amazing and fun!

But no, people will dress their alts all in heirlooms, will do only dungeon runs over and over, sitting in a capital, and then they would whine how leveling is boring and too fast now. How there’s no hardcore. And if they saw some hardcore, they would whine how it’s impossible to level an alt. Eh?

One thought on “Nostalrius: Logical Ending

  1. I think it was illegal and therefore it was theft. I’d also bet you dollars to donuts that the “vanilla” server had updated code since I saw developers and testers on their credits.
    Last point: I’d never, ever, want to run (on foot) to level 40 again!

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