Nova Covert Ops – Chapter I


It was a bit sad to say goodbye to Starcraft universe after we were done with Legacy of the Void (although Blizzard did EVERYTHING that we came to the finish exhausted and bored from LotV – have you destroyed three pillars?).

Yet presenting more stories within the universe is quite an obvious step from Blizzard. Many resources were spent on game development. We have an excellent game engine which allows to set up many more events (though not of epic proportions). Frankly speaking I will gladly enjoy more local conflicts  – they feel very cosy with me and you can’t possibly enhance epicness more after LotV ending. So, Nova Covert Ops.

Only the first chapter is available now, and I have enjoyed it like hell. It has everything you could expect from a Ghost agent story in Starcraft II game. Missions are diverse. One-man-army (of course) and few “normal” Starcraft gameplay missions (with bases), but with a huge emphasis on Nova herself as it should be. If you miss Battletoads, there’s a mission which will make you cry from nostalgy – literally! Finally Blizzard remind you that Vultures are not some light armor machines, but hover BIKES. Long story short, the mission design is amazing.

I won’t spoil the plot, let’s just say it’s pretty simple – you could guess the intrigue way before it’s actually revealed further. But imagine you’re watching some new movie – of course you know that villain will be defeated or a protagonist will win the race. It has to be there, but what matters is: how. So I wouldn’t call it a drawback. The plot has all attributes of an elite spy movie, and well, it’s awesome.

Can’t wait for the next chapter.

In conclusion – here are my marks for SC2:

  • Wings of Liberty – 5/5
  • Heart of the Swarm – 4/5
  • Legacy of the Void – 2+/5
  • Nova Covert Ops – 5/5

Definitely worth a try.

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