Ding 100 – Trivia

So, it took me a month of lazy leveling to get my brand new fire mage from 1 to 100. My leveling rules were this as always :

  • No heirlooms or other buffs like potions
  • Leveling through questing and completing storylines if I started one
  • Doing every dungeon only once when it becomes available.

This weekend it was the last leg of my journey. I finished Talador, did a full questing for Spires of Arak and nailed 6/8 of Nagrand. When I dinged, I got the quest to bring justice to Garrosh, so I obviously finished this questline too. What is left is Throne of Elements and Oshugun part, the most annoying one. Probably I will do it when I’m on queues.

So, Kellers is now 610. It means she can do Heroic Dungeons, but not before I’m done with Silver Proving Grounds. It may be tough because Fire Mage all depends on procs. It may either be a piece of cake or a devastating row of failures. We’ll see tonight.

Important thing is that I started the epic ring questline for both of my newbie toons. Hedersen the Combat Rogue, the boosted one, made all her path from scratch yesterday’s morning and now she’s already sitting on 37/125 Abrogator Stones, having a ship sent for 10 more today. I wouldn’t be very surprised if she will have her ring by the beginning of June. It’s really very easy to catch up on the ring now.

With Kellers the Fire Mage, it’s a bit different. She has to gear up a bit to get into Highmaul, and still it’s a cause of few days to get her through Apexis 4986 quest and heroics. Anyways, I combine gearing up and collecting epic quest items, so we’re gonna prevail. Anyways she has the very first ring iteration of 640 now :)

A must-do for all my toons are top levels of First Aid, Cooking and 2 main professions. Both newbies are almost there.

Kellers is very short on resources now. I had to fly through 4 zones to collect 2000 resources from all treasure batches for the final tier 3 garrison upgrade. Now there’s a shipyard coming and some buildings need to be upgraded too, but it’s not a rush.

Flying is a bliss. All questing was done very, very fast. All the annoying things were escaped and I had a great and fast leveling. But you know what? Blizzard are right. If you’re doing the questlines for the first time – you must do them without flying. Immersement and danger – they have to be there. Once you did it – you must be allowed to fly, upon completing questlines, exploration and reaching cap. Grinding reputations is few months hell, so you mustn’t throw it in the cauldron.

That’s trivia for tonight :)

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