It was a peaceful evening of my fire mage leveling.

Kellers queued up for The Vortex Pinnacle and joined a group. Our healer shaman says in the beginning of the dungeon:

– Wait, my healbot addon is broken.

And he quits. And everyone quits after him in less than 30 seconds because healer search is relatively long. And Kellers stands alone with one pack killed and winds howling in silence.


People are so addicted to addons they can’t play without them anymore. It’s like crutches. You get so used to them that your legs become a rudiment and they die off. It’s like some car owners: when it’s broken, they would refuse themselves parties, trips and similar pleasures of life just because public transport “sucks”.

I’m not an addon user. Addons simplify gameplay so bad that you are a just a mouse clicker, not a player. It kills the challenge. It spoils the interface. It makes you lazy. And yes, if you can’t cope with a leveling dungeon without addons, your legs are dead and replaced by crutches. Which are so easily… brrrroken!



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