Leveling Issues: The Burning Dungeons

Yet again I’ve just checked my Garrisons and had a Molten Core for reputation on weekend. The lion’s share of my gaming was leveling the fire mage.

The route through Outland was Hellfire Penninsula (in full), eastern part of Zangarmarsh and almost all Blade’s Edge quests. And I did a single run for almost every Outland dungeon.

It was a hellride. Classic dungeons – all pugs burned them through. Outland dungeons – there were serious issues. I’ve literally spent nearly 40 minutes to finish one. It was one of those days when dungeons don’t seem a fast and easy way to level your toon. I’ve spent 5 hours to run 7 dungeons. And here’s what we had there.

The Case of Hillsbrad Time-Travel

  1. A tank doesn’t jump down when we enter the fortress. He clears up all Durnholde Keep and only then we head to put bombs in the orc pit.
  2. You mustn’t launch Thrall on his run from the prison cell until everyone is ok with the quest. I try to make everyone finish their dungeon quest, asking in a group chat NOT to launch Thrall beforehand. Guess what? One dude didn’t manage to do it, he was short just 3 seconds when somebody launched the event.
  3. When we arrive at Tarren Mill, our tank warns everyone that he has a 10-minute IRL thing to do right now. We ask if he could spend just 3 more minutes to finish the dungeon? He says: no, sorry, it’s urgent. The group is actually very good, so we managed to burn down all the mobs and even the last boss without our tank, if not without difficulties. What was wrong is our rogue who went crazy. He started spamming the chat with CAPS. He laughed manically. He spammed the interface and chat with suggestions to kick the tank – yet we didn’t, because he honestly warned us of his afk and he deserved to get the exp and achievement. When the last boss was down, the rogue kept spamming the chat with totally idiotic comments.

The Case of Mana Tombs

We got ourselves a funny tank. I have deduced he was a newbie. It’s totally understandable, it’s never late to try something new. Me myself decided to switch specs from a healing tree to boomkin around lv 64, and my first ever tanking experience as a warrior was Hellfire Citadel raid.

He couldn’t hold any aggro. This dwarf pally runs into mobs and they keep running in all directions, hitting literally every member of the group, so the healer just can’t pull it off. We have wiped several times, but we kept pushing forward. I have checked if he has aggro buff on – yes, there it was. I can’t actually detect what was wrong, but we advised him to use more AoE abilities and try to hit all the mobs in a pack, not just one. We advised to aggro small portions of enemies, at least one pack at a time. He was silent and kept looking at the map all the times (and it was Mana Tombs – with no options but “just forward”). He didn’t get any better by the end of the dungeon.

Surprisingly the group was not toxic. Everyone was patient. No one rage-quitted. We kept giving friendly advices, although he didn’t answer and didn’t improve much by the end of the dungeon. Probably he was afraid that if he starts talking, he would be blamed and cursed. We have wiped 6 times, but eventually we made it and wished everybody good luck. Took us 40 minutes.

The Case of Mechanar, Shadow Labyrinth and Botanica

Now that was an asshole. I’ve met him in three dungeons. The tank. He’s an experienced one as he keeps the aggro and is confident about where to run. But we kept dying multiple times. He’s aggroing a whole room and a bit of the next one during the fight. We tell him to slow a bit: because we’re dying. We can’t cope with this amount of mobs. He keeps doing the same and is very surprised when we all die again. Three to four wipes to get to the first boss. Aggroing mobs AND the boss. Aggroing the pack when healer is still down. Long story short, he spoilt all these dungeon runs. We never made it past the first bosses because the groups just rage-quitted. And he never learned what’s wrong. I think he never will even if it was written on his wall in caps.

The Case of Shadow Labyrinth

Now that was a cool run. For reasons we never know, one of our dps left shortly after the beginning. We were short on dps, but we didn’t try to collect one more and slowly pushed forward. And with only four people and few wipes, we did it. There was respectful attitude shown by all players. We analyzed our mistakes and discussed tactics after wipes. It took us a fairly long time, it was a challenge, and we liked it. Thanked each other in the end and left, it was awesome.

The Case of Magister’s Terrace and Arcatraz

There’s nothing to say much, with people of 70-72 level. when I barely begin casting a fireball, all the packs and bosses are already dead. I barely managed to hurl few instant casts to provide at least some dps contribution, not just getting loot and experience. As easy as it was, it’s not a dungeon run imo. I prefer something in the middle between extremities.

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