Rockets and Fires and Race Rates

Issue 1: Love Is In The Air is officially over tonight and I didn’t get my rocket.

It was 11 toons doing it for 4 days. Then I remembered I had one more, newly boosted toon, so it was 10 days more for twelve toons. The last day was today, and I managed to do only 8 tries more before I had to go for work.

In whole, it means 172 attempts in two weeks. 172, Karl.

Of course I need all holiday mounts. It’s ram from Brewfest and horse from Hallow’s End to be tried, but the year started in fail. Actually, 172 fails. Oh well. But anyways I like the holiday farming routines because boredom already crawls back.

Issue 2: As an official hater of double-specced toons, I’ve started a brand new fire mage.

It was extremely hard to learn. The spells seemed very slow. I didn’t die much, but it was a turtle-speed leveling. When I got to dungeons, I couldn’t place a single hit upon any mob – they died in seconds. So I basically went and collected free loot and experience.

By the time I have reached 24-25 level, things finally went well. Spell speed somehow increased although I didn’t do anything with it, I’ve got a nice choice of spells and I go myself a solid rotation. I’ve started to kill more dudes in dungeons, not only bosses. And I’m finally enjoying it. I’m enjoying it so much that the girl is to get her artifact fire sword in Legion.

She’s called Kellers, she’s human and she’s a stunning beauty.


Issue 3: I’ve suddenly thought about races, both about lore and appearance- how would I line them by my personal preferences? So here is what we got, my personal rating (lined from Excited to Hated).

I’m positive about:

  1. Gnomes – because attitude, intellect and kawaiiness
  2. Humans – because open-hearted and I like the settlements
  3. Goblins – because cunning, inventive, bold and happy
  4. Tauren – because spiritual and meditating
  5. Draenei – because draenei girls, Yrel and accents
  6. Dwarves – because beer, smiths and beards
  7. Night Elves – because forest and moon and mystery
  8. Orcs – because honor and shaman

I’m neutral to:

  1. Pandaren – because oriental philosophy, but they’re all about farms and just farms
  2. Undead – because tragic destiny and gothic everything, but they stink

I’m negative about:

  1. Blood Elves – because arrogant assholes
  2. Trolls – because savage brutes
  3. Worgen – because savage brutes

2 thoughts on “Rockets and Fires and Race Rates

  1. Interesting, i share some opinions with you, dual spec does not work for me, 1 alt 1 spec, i like your races list, but i would say i like all races except undead, i find them disgusting! i agree with you about the arrogance of Blood elves, yet i don’t mind playing female belf, i can’t stand the male belf! and i like trolls and worgens, i just started a new druid troll to test feral spec.


    • It’s funny how I started a Blood Elf male because my wife said: “Why don’t you have at least one “Legolas” among your toons?”

      He was my first ever try of a melee class and he’s a paladin which is now heavily responsible for many old raid/dungeon achievements because self-heals. I think of him as a walking stereotype. Retribution means that he’s a typical crusader, hot headed and making decisions by his codex, not the changing circumstances. For example, in his picture of the world a criminal who saved a child will be executed by all means, because he committed some crimes before. As a Blood Elf, the paladin is skilled in craft (forging), fond of magical arts, pristine architecture and soooooo arrogant about “lesser” races.

      I don’t like Blood Elf females for their doll faces and too skinny bodies. I crawled through all faces trying to create one that I liked and I failed.


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