One More Year in WoW

New Year is at hand, so it’s time to remember some checkpoints and highlights of 2015 year in World of Warcraft. I suggest we do it in chronological order.


Highmaul – I have finished my first Highmaul in January for my main, and this raid was current for me until May. It made all the ends of Nagrand meet together, and I liked it in general.

The first drawback was hiding Cho’Gall beyond mythic difficulty – so you could never learn about his death, and he was an important character in both timelines. We could think he’s alive & scheming somewhere in Draenor, and I waited for him to reappear. The second drawback is that all the ogres should have been funny characters, it should have been a stand-up comedy raid with exceptions like Tectus and Brakenspore. What we got is a bunch of gloomy butchers and arcane maniacs. 


In January I had 4 level 100 toons, and the other 6 finished Talador and landed at 97. So they had more leveling to do and Garrison Tier 3 to build.


We got this strange patch without content, but my Blood Elf Ilmari finally got himself a new pretty face.

Also I had a fun run with S.E.L.F.I.E. camera for the exploration achievement, it was really cool to visit all those places again – and with purpose.


One more thing: my Horde Warrior discovered the DPS Gladiator “spec” to switch from Fury, which was the coolest thing ever. Sword-and-board was never available for DPS in WoW before.


Leveling Alliance toons I fell completely in love with Yrel, and it could only mean one thing: I need a Draenei girl for a toon.


As I had one slot left, here came my 11th toon – Frost Death Knight Draenei called Melaris. It was my 5th attempt to start a DK, and I finally could and liked to play a Death Knight. One of the easiest and most loveable classes and toons for me now.

Suck it, bloody leveling up! I’m in Draenor!

March was devoted to leveling her 55 to 100 and also gearing up all my toons to shove them into raiding.


April came with Blackrock Foundry for me. I liked this Nintendo-style raid very much, and it was current till late June. Despite one and the same colors throughout the wings (metal and melted metal), you never got bored or tired of it. The reason is very diverse and cool bosses, and although all of them were no-names except Blackhand and Gruul, you quickly grew to recognize them all, and never mix up Tho’gar with Kromog.


I have also discovered one more fun for me, and it was MOGGING! The reason is that I liked all the leveling and raid sets before, so I didn’t think about transmogrification. But I hated Draenor raid sets so much that it required some drastic measures. Tons of gold were spent in April at AH, and all my toons are being mogged ever since – at least until Legion.


It was the time of heavy grinding HM and BRF for the epic ring items. I said before that it was stupid of me to collect gear and then decide to grind epic rings, not simultaneously. It seems that it was twice the grinding time for my alts. It means that I was puking from both raids and hating them by Tanaan time, although they don’t deserve it.


In May it was my first race change in WoW ever. Undead warrior had this weird animation – doing flip jumps throughout the fight. She’s wearing a plate armor, a heavy sword and a heavy shield, and she’s flipping. I grew tired of this and she was finally dead, Undead female Rottenshield becoming Tauren male Gottenbar. I never regret of the choice.


June was Tanaan launch for us, and as I was waiting for LFR wings I didn’t rush to the raids but rather went to explore and do achievements in the new questing zone.


The new zone had a very cool introduction but quickly it became a grind race with a free gear better than a raid gear (stupid idea ever!). It’s a weird and unpleasant place, and it will never be the place to visit again after we’re done with Draenor. I can’t even recall any nice area there. Maybe it’s the harbor.


July was devoted to Tanaan and Shipyard. We needed all the requirements for the flights, and also complete the ship missions for the Epic Ring. Shipyard got stupid and annoying very fast, although stalking rares for equipment was nice. Eventually it became one more mission table in the Garrison, and I don’t even go there.


Highlight of July was Gnomification of my toons. Backston the Human girl and Chitsuro the Pandaren girl became Bons the Gnome Fury Warrior and Paitsu the Gnome Windwalker Monk, making it 4 Gnomes in my toon list along with warlock Microfury and mage Micromantica. I never regret of the choice, the melee gnome vibe is excellent.


August was devoted to Hellfire citadel, with Archimode revealed in the end of the month. I liked the encounters, but the atmosphere of the raid is depressing.


So it was only an Epic Ring grind, and I was glad when it was finished in October.


Autumn finally gave us flights, and I hope they will never again have this idea of removing them at all.


I’m good with doing some achievements to get this access, but at level cap it’s absolutely a must reward – to avoid all the mobs you’ve already killed in dozens and get a panoramic view of the scenery.


Epic rings were completed for all of my toons, and I was glad to replay the story episodes again and again. It was a fun ride.


Alliance Gnomification in July meant I also have something to do with my Horde toons. So there was Goblification – transforming my Orc Huntress Salash into Goblin Huntress Lizgun and Troll Rogue Zindari into Goblin Rogue Hexen.


While completed Epic Rings left me with  nothing to do, November was devoted to repgrind and achievements of the old content.


I’ve finished all the reputations for TBC and WotLK, did dozens of raid, scenario and quest achievements. By now, it’s mostly Cataclysm raids and Pandaria raids left uncovered.


The end of the year is a mount farming month. I braced myself and hurled all my toons to 11 weekly attempts for mounts. Got myself both blue dragons from Malygos and Onyxia’s one, but there’s more mounts to go.

Speaking of mount drop, it was a disasterous luck at all the holidays. Despite the daily severe grind with all the toons, I never got Brewfest’s ram, Hallow’s End horse or Winter Veil’s minion of Grumpus. It’s the main dissappointment of the year.


I have almost forgotten, but news of removing Gladiator “spec” in Legion made my Tauren Gottenbar switch to proper Protection spec and try TANKING! It was my first ever tanking at raids, and I liked that, being confident now about having a tanking toon in Legion.

This is my last post in 2015, and I wish you a Happy New Year!
Let’s brace ourselves and wait for Legion!

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