Winter Veil: Quest Fail

It was a very stupid and unnecessary fail of Blizzard introducing new Winter Veil questing in Garrison.

For the new quests you go to Frostfire Ridge – it is fair, because Hallow’s End happened near Alliance Garrisons – and perform your usual routine of kill this and click that. The reward might be some Xmas decorations for your Garrison, but of course the first days will be dedicated for the more important stuff: a new toy and a present with a chance to get a mount.

You must complete ALL four quests in a day to get your reward, otherwise you just miss a whole daily try of poking your luck and RNG.

Mark you, three of them quests were done top notch. You come, you kill, you leave. It’s a cool respawn rate of the new boss, its henchmen and Draenei kid cages – maybe even too fast (my monk Paitsu even died today due to fighting the always-spawning grumplings). But something went wrong when they put What Horrible Presents in game.

The issue is: you have to hurl a quest item – a bomb – at the ugly toys. With 5 or 6 batches where these presents spawn, the respawn time was like 1 to 4 minutes.

Imagine the hell at the questing ground yesterday.

Everyone who spared their 2-3 minutes to do all the other objectives, sat in this questing ground for minutes and even hours, trying to be the first to blow up the rarely spawned items. Bomb cast isn’t instant, so even if you were stalking the spawn point, one random stray player could do his boom and get your credit. There was a hundred of players trying to do that quest. What’s worse, there were people from other servers, because they tried to find not-so-crowded one. I spotted all the possible languages Blizzard supports in Europe.

People even joined groups to make it easier.

That’s when I quit and I told myself: no mount is worth farming for hours over one daily quest. There will be a hotfix, and if there will be not, well, I’m not doing this quest, resulting in fewer currency points.

Today’s morning, hotfix was out and everything works like it should work. But a day of trying to get this mount was wasted for good. Couldn’t it be foreseen before launch? Ugh.

One more thought about this Garrison holiday trivia: I really hope that this mount’s drop rate is high enough. Otherwise everyone will be farming it till the end and never get their Garrison decorated for holidays :)


One thought on “Winter Veil: Quest Fail

  1. I went a different approach. I had my first 6 toons get decorations to send to my Allie main (since they are BoA) and the toy. Just so that the decorations which will probably only be up for about a week at the longest, will be out of the way. I took the remaining toons out for a chance at the mount. Starting today, all toons are working to get the mount. Here’s hoping that RNGeezus smiles kindly upon me for a Minion of Krumpus (unlike at Hallow’s End with the Horseman’s Reins).


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