Right or Left: Managing Pet Classes?

There’s an important life improving issue bothering me for a long time in World of Warcraft. And I’m going to talk about pet positioning.

Introduction Part From IRL

I don’t know whether you’ve ever thought about it, but some of my friends and me as well are pretty serious about one simple thing.

Imagine you are going for a walk with someone. By default, if you are a man, you were taught by etiquette rules to walk on the left side of your companion (green circle is you):


The etiquette rule is explained very simple: if someone walks towards you, you must be the one who could occasionally bump the passer-by’s shoulder, not your companion (especially a woman companion), acting as a “human shield” against this probable inconvenience:


It’s not that everybody bumps each other every day, but this could happen in a crowded or narrow passage.

And this etiquette rule roots so deeply that eventually you get used to it and hate the other option. You get used to it so much that walking at the right side of your companion itches you. Then you ask your friend to switch places, you just feel uncomfortable having someone at your left side.

What Does It Have to Do With World of Warcraft?

Well, here are our pet classes.

  • Ice Mage – Water Elemental
  • Death Knight – Ghoul
  • Hunter – Multiple Pets
  • Warlock – Demons

What’s common about them? The pet is on the wrong side:


I have always hated pets. I’m playing Frost DK, because she has no pets. I took the Lone Wolf talent for my Hunter immediately at level 100 because there are no pets. I’m glad like hell that Ice Mage finally will be able to dismiss Water Elemental in Legion (basically it’s the Lone Wolf talent).

Maybe I was wrong about true reasons? Maybe I just don’t like anyone annoying at my left shoulder? It’s a small thing which slowly ruins your class experience without you even understanding it! And maybe it will suddenly be cool if the pet was at my right hand?


How hard could it be to add an option to tune a right/left side choice for a pet? I think it’s not as pet always hangs on the left side now, so this is in code already. We just need a small button at pet’s menu (right click on the portrait will do) and it’s a HUGE life improvement at little cost.

With introduced Gnome Hunters and expanded animal bonds for Survival ones – which means more pet play, I think it’s something to add in Legion. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Right or Left: Managing Pet Classes?

  1. This is .. kind of crazy? Not just that not everyone lives in countries where people / traffic travels on the right, but no-one has ever suggested I should walk on the right of a companion, let alone for weird 18th-century shit like ‘protecting your companion’. What happens when two of these lost Knights-errant walk with each other?

    That’s only weird though – it gets positively offensive when you start comparing women to WoW pets.


    • My friend, I think you missed the message a little bit.

      First of all, traffic issues are different in other countries, and I had to develop some new traffic skill in Japan or UK, yes, and I had to do that fast. I never suggest though that pet positioning might be the single option, changed to “right-hand” instead of “left-hand”, my suggestion was that we were able to get some choice.

      Second, doesn’t this etiquette rule make sense – like at all? Nowadays it’s not about rules, but it’s about courtesy, like lending your hand when a woman descends from a stair, or serving her some wine at a dinner rather than let her do that herself.

      Third, I’ve explained the roots where inconvenience comes from. This all comes from the habit, and the habit was dictated from etiquette rules, which was imprinted in kindergarten age. When I’m walking side by side with my band’s drummer, we literally have to stand for a moment and argue which one is gonna walk on the “inconvenient” side. Just because we got so used to walk on the left side of our companions, we have to discuss that! When this is imprinted and you get used to it, you are not accustomed to ANY companion walking on the “wrong” side of you. We’re talking about habits here, not any social groups.


  2. It is like the other examples of “courtesy” that you mention, because it is some thing from centuries past that would get you punched by many women I know.

    What kindergarten is it that teaches you this archaic rule? Apart from anything else it seems to not prepare the kids for later life. What if you are a man and the person you want to protect is also a man? And he feels the same about you?


    • Your questions are answered in the previous comment. If you were reading it carefully, you may have seen “any companion” words being the focus point of the message – friends, parents, spouses, kids, siblings – and yes, WoW pets.

      ALL etiquette rules have outdated and archaic origins in the first place. You shake hands, don’t you? Is it because you really want to show that your hand holds no weapon, or is it just an etiquette ritual you were taught as a kid?


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