Argus & Demon Worlds

*This post is inspired by leaked Demon Hunters’ starting quest chain and pictures of Mardum.*

We all know what Legion does to the worlds it conquers: the sole purpose of demons is fel corruption and destruction of Titans’ work.

We have seen the perfect examples of demonic influence: visit Shadowmoon Valley in Outland, Legion camps in Nagrand or Blade’s Edge Mountains, Throne of Kil’Jaeden in Hellfire Peninsula or see the results of a SINGLE, 30-second spell performed by Gul’dan in Tanaan Jungle.

For all we know, Argus, the Draenei homeland, was conquered by the Burning Legion. It has been under demons for hundreds of years. Say, do you really crave to play for 1,5-2 years in the whole new world which looks like THIS?

Shadowmoon_TBC There could be NO exception. All zones and all continents will be fel green and black ash.

To hell with Argus. You don’t want it, really.

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