About Class Changes in Legion

I’m playing 11 different classes/specs very actively, all 11 toons are at maximum level and were raiding throughout Draenor. So I kept my eyes peeled for all the class preview articles. I guess I don’t have only priests among my toons. They didn’t survive long, didn’t like healing or their shadow thing which is a sort of warlock to me.

Let’s me say I’m very excited about the changes and all that Blizzard announced is very tempting. Bringing more fantasy back sounds very great. So, I’ll speak of classes one by one in alphabetical order.

Death Knights

My Death Knight is the Draenei girl Melaris, and she’s obivously Frost. No changes worth mentioning here.


My Druid is the Night Elf girl Mayluna, and she’s Balance with a Guardian off-spec for fun.

For Balance, Blizzard destroys the previous rolling energy scale and transforms it into usual builder/spender type. Ok, maybe we did pay too much attention to the UI instead of battlefield, although it was unique mechanic which I liked.

I have the only question: how would I or anyone choose between Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath cast now? For 30 seconds of cast, you get the same amount of energy (I guess that damage is also balanced the same way). But Wrath is a faster cast, which makes you more mobile, less vulnerable for interrupts and stuns, and it also provides some little AoE. Why should I ever need or use Lunar Strike then?

For Guardian, the changes are nice. No dodging, just a heap of fur and muscles with lots of health. Fits me well, although I’m not a seasoned Guardian player, just making my first steps.


My Hunter is the Orc girl Salash, and she is Marksmanship. I feel good what they did to Marksmanship, as I took the Lone Wolf talent immediately after reaching 100 level. Pets are annoying, although I use a wolf from time to time for soloing old raid achievements. Moreover, Marksmanship class fantasy for me is an Orc in bright colors, who defends the city walls. She keeps her heavy gun well-oiled and in dry arsenal, not enjoying forest stalking. In battlefield, she’s the one to support the melee corps, a strong backup.

As for shooting abilities, I see that focus building/spending is reworked, but I need to see this in action of course. By now, it’s constant wait for cooldowns and two similar strong focus spending shots which is a confusion. Of course I’m using the one which is instant cast.

Survival sounds extremely interesting for me, that’s stalker fantasy. You are the one covered in sweat and blood, fighting side by side with your pet.

One more big news: Gnomes will be Hunters too! I would have given us Paladins as well, and be done with it.


My main is the Gnome Mage Micromantica, and she was always a devoted Jaina’s pupil, which means ICE! It seems they don’t change Ice Mage much – and it’s good, because in Pandaria and in Draenor I learned to play mage from a scratch. Snails and turtles killed me, because I couldn’t understand how it works, this batch of new abilities. This time, it looks like it will be more or less alike my previous rotation.


My monk is the Gnome girl Paitsu, and she’s Windwalker. Nothing changes drastically with her, but there is a pair of nice additions. First, Earth, Wind and Fire – the clone ability – will be instant and more comprehendable, because I didn’t get at all how previous version worked. Second, they make us shuffle the abilities, not repeating two same blows in a row EVER, if we want to provide increased damage. Which sounds like a vivid ninja: roundhouse kick, slap, punch, kick – just what we need.


My Paladin is the Blood Elf guy Ilmari, and he is Retribution. There’s little to be changed in Legion for Retribution Paladins, although described changes are confusing. Introduction text says: “many of the Retribution Paladin’s abilities were ranged spells that they started to feel more like a caster than a melee crusader”. Well, I can say it was Judgement and a finishing move. Now they add a spell called Blade of Justice. Ok, we want you to be a melee crusader, so here’s one more ranged ability. WUT?


My Rogue is the Goblin girl Hexen, and she was Assassination from her start. I’ve tested Subtlety and Combat, but they didn’t feel special. Now I’m tempted to try these extra specs: come on, a pirate with a gunshot! a ninja which will be diving in and out of the shadows! Still I think the choice will be between Subtlety and Poisons. Rogues are mischievous killers rather than brawlers.


My Shaman is the Goblin girl Schlitzchen, and she is Enhancement, the only attractive Shaman spec for me. Mana was useless for her (it was used only for healing spell) – now mana is gone, and here comes the builder-spender scheme which fits better. It seems they also give us not-totem-bound elementals, ability to put several totems at once (means farewell, totem choice) and they also give us 2 ranged attack spells. As far as I see it, Schlitzchen will get her an amazing mobility, even more so than now. I need to test if builder-spender scheme will slow up the axe play, but it looks very promising. What I need from my Shaman is a meat grinder enhanced by elements.


My Warlock is the Gnome girl Microfury, and she has always been Affliction. Playing Affliction, you put 3-4 DoTs on your target and then use your “beam” filler.

By now, we have essentially 2 of them: the main filler and the Drain Life which you are supposed to use when you need to heal a bit with low dps. Obviously no one used Drain Life: you have your Demon Tank in the field or a proper tank player in raid to take damage for you. And if you were silly enough to aggro a dozen of mobs, or if you stand in the fire, or boss turns his eye on you, Drain Life is not a life-saving option. You have a pack of life-saving cooldowns, and you want to finish mobs FAST while this CDs work.

In Legion, Drain Life becomes our main filler, and it makes sense, because it will provide both good DPS and a small self-heal simultaneously.

I also like the new Demonology idea of juggling many demons. Sounds tempting. Nothing good to be said about Destruction: it’s basically a recolored Fire Mage vibe, always been that.


I have two Warriors: it’s the Gnome girl Bons which is Fury and it’s the Tauren guy Gottenbar who is Protection with Gladiator talent (DPS).

Well, Gottenbar is bummed out. They have no resources to make Gladiator a separate spec for Legion, but they won’t leave it as it is. I guess I will have to try and tank with him in Legion. Don’t like Arms much. Although I would prefer to play Gladiator, and I don’t care if it is nerfed to the ground and provides worst DPS ever.

As for Fury, Blizzard likes the spec. We became meat grinders in Warlords of Draenor, in Legion it’s meat grinders of industrial scale. Bons will be happy!

That’s all for class previews I have to say for now :)

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