Legendary Alts


My altoholic rush has really started in the beginning of 2014. Before, I had 2 or 3 toons – my main gnome ice mage, an orc huntress who just went through the Horde’s part of lore, and I guess it was a paladin which was my first try of melee. In January 2014, there was some trigger when I just started a zillion alts, trying this and that spec, trying this and that race/class combinations – well, finally making them 10 toons who survived till now. The reason why I like playing so many alts is the different experience, in leveling, dungeons and raids.

I understand my goals in WoW like this:

  • I do maximum achievements on my main, including exploration, reputations and archaeology
  • I do the new Loremaster part in full – at least for 1 Alliance and 1 Horde  – to see how the story spins further. It’s not obligatory for every alt, but I enjoy replaying questlines.
  • I max all the professions – divided among my alts.
  • Finally, I keep up to the current raid content, although in LFR only, and all alts should kill all the bosses and collect their gear sets.

So, somewhen 10 months before Draenor I had 10 alts which required to catch up and get to the finish. Of course there was a very big gap of doing 1-90 part, and then going to Siege of Orgrimmar for gear. I barely managed to get most, but not all alts collect their respective sets when Draenor launched. It was quite a chase!

As of Draenor, it went differently. My ten had only 10 levels to consume, so I just moved them like chess pieces, one by one. I enjoyed leveling and I ran raids when they were current.

The biggest mistake which I already mentioned was that I started doing raids without respective Epic Ring questline. As I’ve decided to do this Lore-Legendary questline for every alt, it was a disaster. It meant that my alts managed to run Highmaul and gear up there, and then, when Blackrock Foundry hit us, it appeared we had to go back and grind Highmaul again for quest items. Even in April and May I was grinding some Highmaul while BRF was launched in February. That really set me back and dragged some juices off me.

By June, I did better. I never set my foot to HFC without having a tome quest objective there – not to re-run it, and I was just two weeks late for its launch.

You see, this leveling in Pandaria -> gearing at SoO -> leveling in Draenor -> gearing in Highmaul -> gearing in BRF -> back to Highmaul -> gearing and runes in BRF -> gearing and tomes in HFC was quite a tense thing, and I had to catch up. It’s no fun going to older raids with alts while everyone else is doing something new.

But as hard as this may sound, playing many different alts is fun. It’s progress, shared by melees and ranged, fighters, casters and shooters, plates, leathers, mails and cloths – it gives a variety of playing styles in the same encounters and of course different rewards. If I played only with my ice mage I’d never try on plate armors or see how a raid rogue dagger looks like. Not to mention that each of my alts is a Character with a unique roleplay background, and they just feel different, participating in storylines.

One more important thing about alts is that different classes specs are better in different situations. You could hate a boss because of many alts (my affliction warlock does), but I just enjoy add fights with my enhancement shaman. You can hate certain fights as a melee but you just love nuking this boss as ranged and vice versa. Somehow it makes all the encounters both loved and hated! That is, if you’re playing only one toon, you consider a certain boss a complete disaster and don’t want to fight him again. But what if you tried killing him with other toon? Maybe he’s suddenly your favourite?..

Now I think I’m finally arriving at the end station. My goals are almost completed. I’ve got Ring #7 for Zindari (the rogue in the picture), and only 4 are left. After I get all rings, I’m doing a single Archimonde kill for each toon. And this will be the endgame for my alts, happening in the first weeks of October.

Of course I will check on my Garrisons to pull as many free gold from Draenor as possible. I need it for mounts :) And of course Micromantica, my main, will be cutting many loose ends considering achivements, Draenor and non-Draenor. But it seems all other alts will have a slumber party until Legion.

Winter is coming. Shut your doors, lit your fire and share your Draenor expereince at your Garrison’s taverns.

P.S. With my alts, I envy the guys who can call themselves: I’m an Owl, or I’m a Cat, or I’m Shaman. I’ve always thought I’m ice mage. GNOME ice mage. Pulverized among alts, it wasn’t true for a while. It will be an interesting experience to have this feeling again :)

2 thoughts on “Legendary Alts

  1. How do you do that? i have the ring on my main and that’s it, i can’t push myself to do it for other alts, congarts on the 7th ring, i’m really impressed, i almost gave up on doing the legendary quest line.


    • Well, there’s nothing in Draenor I can do now. So when I login, I just queue up for LFR and run cooldowns with whichever toon I feel like playing tonight :) I work full day 5/2, and it’s possible to run a LFR wing with my morning coffee before I leave. For example, today I ran Mannoroth wing and my DK Melaris had small progress 15->17 tomes. Of course I do play on weekends and evenings too. It’s not very time-consuming and it gives you the feeling of progress, which we significantly missed in any other aspects of WoD.

      I don’t know if Legion will offer options at endgame, and also I don’t know how time consuming will be this legendary weapons thing. Probably I’m not doing it for all of the toons, but we shall see. At least this many alts would pay off, as I’m eager to see 11 different legendary weapons if not upgrade them to maximum level :)


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