I’ve seen the new Starcraft trailer. Go Draenei!

Just to say this, by the middle of October I’ll be good and done with all my epic rings, so WoD will be cleansed for me. I’m gonna do some lazy, old and new achievements on my main and leveling a troll kitty/human pally tank for fun, but essentially I’ll have my hands free for Starcraft’s new chapter.

I’m not playing RTS for skirmishes. Like with WoW, I’m not feeling that I enjoy waving any virtual penises in ladders or whatever rank tables. A game for me is a cool story – first and foremost. So that is why I don’t play Hearthstone, HotS or Overwatch. So that is why I’m waiting for the Legacy of the Void like hell!

Before the new chapter launches, I will join Raynor’s Raiders and Kerrigan to replay the first 2 parts of the story. Autumn = Starcraft!

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