WoW Trivia

Just few current small things.

About Flight

  • On Saturday and Sunday Battlenet has downloaded a big heap of data. It obviously must be flight!
  • I can’t even imagine myself going up Draenor skies that soon – this Wednesday. Really it always seemed like a far, far away thing.
  • Of course all achievements for flight were done with my main in July or earlier.

About Epic Rings

  • This week CD, I ran Hellfire Citadel with 4 toons in full.
  • Still got 2 evenings with this CD, maybe more will get some tomes too.
  • Random Almighty left Gottenbar at 32 Tomes and Micromantica at 31 Tomes.
  • Other 8 toons are between 11 and 24.
  • I’m in no rush. I have at least 8 months to complete the epic rings for all of them, and I think I will actually do that by Blizzcon.

About Archimonde

  • Archimonde is a killjoy.
  • People actually think that best strategy is to deliberately wipe 10 times, get 10 determination, THEN say: “Alright, now we gonna have a real try and explain strategy”.
  • Sad thing is: they’re right.
  • Killed him with 3 different toons.
  • It’s a hell of a mess and a hell of the different mechanics. Even if everyone understands everything and does everything right, just one tank could easily wipe all the raid at the last phase, just because of a little step in wrong direction in “space” (Twisting Nether part). I HATE this type of fights.
  • I hated 3 hours of raiding at one boss. That’s not my vision of raid, and that is why I do only LFR.
  • After we killed the boss, I was not happy, I was exhausted, and the idea of doing at least Hellfire Assault with another toon or even checking Garrison tables made me sick.
  • Archimonde will be nerfed, and people will learn in a month, as they learned to kill almost all bosses from a scratch now, but now it’s a mess. Not doing Archimonde again without final Khadgar’s quest or without nerf. Only Tomes from other wings.

About Trying New Stuff

  • Yesterday I rolled a Human Paladin at another realm.
  • I thought I wanted to try tanking, so I raise him as such.
  • Did Deadmines in the morning. The worst trouble is that people reap off aggro and I can’t win it back fast enough.
  • I know that in starting dungeons you are not afraid of mobs or even bosses, they’re not deadly even for cloth casters. So people know it and are confident to aggro everything they see to finish a dungeon faster.
  • But I’m nervous when someone’s attacking someone-not-me. It doesn’t help to learn.
  • I think I will practice and practice.
  • We’ll see how Demon Hunters go and how I like tanking with him – because there will be an extra 12th slot at Legion for your toons. I will do Demon Hunter’s starting chain, and I will tank with Human Paladin before Legion. Then I decide who will go into that new free slot :)

5 thoughts on “WoW Trivia

  1. Tried Archimonde once, the 3 mobs before him killed me in secs and i still don’t understand what happened, i did not stand on anything, then Archimonde wiped the raid in less than a min, i quit because i know this will go on for more wipes, and Blizzard will nerf him later so i’ll wait.

    What i can’t stand is not the wipes or the long fights, but people! almost every raid there is a whiner, who criticize everyone, suggest to kick low dps players, moan when the raid wipe like it is the end of the world, people take this game way too seriously, did they forget to have fun?!


    • The thing about triple trash is that you must stand up immediately and so must everyone who died, until you win :)

      Whiners normally are too impatient to stay and try. So I just wait until they quit by themselves, then we go on with other people.

      I killed Archimonde 3 times.

      First time, I come with gladiator warrior, and in melee you don’t understand a thing. I just went and kicked Archimonde and adds which were close enough, and 5->9 Determination we win.

      Second time, I come with my main, ice mage. I watch and learn how fire rolls, what adds spawn and stuff. It was 3->5 Determination when we won.

      Third time, I come with my Balance druid. I “tanked” Archimonde in bear form, we deliberately wipe 10 times, then when I explain strategy they actually assign me as a raid leader. I led the fight through raid chat. I went to Twisting Nether with each tank. On the last trip to Twisting Nether there was only one tank, and he wasn’t with Archimonde but in Twisting Nether as well. I died in the space, but the guys managed to kick him down without any tank surviving. We needed 3 proper tries and this +50% buff from maximum determination.


    • I vote to kick guys only if they do it wrong, and don’t even try to do it right. If ranged dudes nuke the boss all the fight instead of adds they should, it’s a definite kick. They just don’t care for boss mechanics or read the raid chat. You are allowed to enter at 650 ilvl, so it’s possible to win with all the guys having 650 ilvl, if you follow the instructions. It’s not dps that matters.


      • I vote to kick the trolls that knowingly decide to give bad mechanics advice to the raid. I’ve only downed him once, but attempted twice. First time was a 1.5 hour festival of whining and complaining, only got to 8 stacks before I had to quit for the night. The second time, we had the full 10-stacks (though it should have been at 13 or 14, by the time we downed him).

        One thing about that fight that I’m still not sure about, can more than 5 people go into the nether? In the groups that I went in with (tank, heal and 3 dps), another dpser would have made a world of difference.


      • I guess you could? Actually a healer was there and he said “There’s no use for healer in the Nether”. He just didn’t find what and where to heal! With good DPS and tank who is using a pair of saving cooldowns, the mob dies very fast. So I would of course advice 4 dps and a tank to save the day.


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