First Epic Ring Complete!

Microfury happened to be the first of my guys and girls to farm 33 Tomes and get her Epic Ring with ilvl 735. In fact, she farmed even 34 tomes because one extra dropped from Mannoroth :) We couldn’t let him live, could we?

The story’s really epic and it’s worth it. It presents you the most stunning and amazing ritual which lasts few minutes. Brings back epicness in the middle of your daily grinds :)


I won’t tell spoilers, but I will give a hint that everyone will learn a bit more about Cordana in Khadgar’s Tower. Then you go to your faction’s place of power. For Alliance, you go to meet Yrel and Naaru at Karabor. For Horde, you’re probably gonna meet with Yrel’s counterpart – Drek’Thar. Then it must be Throne of Elements for you. We’ll learn soon, as my next Epic Ring will be the one for Gottenbar, my Tauren Gladiator as he has most Tomes now – 21, with 3 more wings to run at this CD.

After you get your final ring, it’s not the end, as Khadgar will send you for the final quest to deal with Gul’dan – and that means you have to fight Archimonde – not until next week when he will be available through LFR. Perfectly logical as you must go to fight him empowered as possible.

And that Microfury will do with –


4 thoughts on “First Epic Ring Complete!

  1. Congrats, it seems blizzard changed the drop ratio for the tombs, now i get more of them than i used to do, in first few weeks, good luck with your other characters.


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