Bye-Bye, Shipyards!


And Microfury is the last of my 11 to complete the naval part of Epic Ring quest.

Without any messing up with the crews and all, the 5 naval quests are perfectly doable. 4 missions are fully countered by careful choice of equipment and ships which provides you 100% chance. The 5th has 2 experienced captains which maybe countered by a pair of panda crews. But even without them, if all the ships and equipments fit, you get 90%+ chance to complete this mission. See, I don’t even need an epic carrier to counter all the threats except experienced captains.

So, now I’m left with 11 shipyards… which are useless now. I got the mount and a pair of shark pets from naval missions. From now on, I will occasionally send ships only for a rare mission with Hellfire equipment. I’m gonna reach Revered with main faction to build an Oil platform, so I won’t even go to Tanaan for Oil to do these missions once in two weeks.

And that was the end of Shipyard game.

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