Thoughts On New Warcraft Expansion: Legion

WoW Expansion Legion

So, the expansion was announced yesterday – you can watch the whole presentation at Blizzard websites of course. What have we got? Two words:


Seriously, guys. We could assume that Blizzard would listen to the players, especially after big sub losses, but they made it up to eleven. You want demon hunters class, you want to return to Azeroth and go to the sea for naga stories, you moan how Illidan and Arthas were cool, you don’t want more Garrisons, and you want to make your class have some chains, and you want to wield epic weapons of the past?


It seems like they took all the blogs and forums, bought a HUGE MIXER and put it all there. That’s why Blizzard previously hinted that you will see an announcement of “best expac ever” – everyone must be happy now.

So, let’s have a closer look at the features of the expansion, starting with my most dear things: Lore and Exploration.

The Broken Isles 

We cannot yet evaluate the real size of the zones, but of course we would prefer some vast areas, like in Pandaria. Which of course would mean flying. As usual, even at the look on the map, you can see that zones are very different – as usual, within a continent Blizzard gives us all the range. There’s a heavy influence of Elven architecture and legacy as well. I liked that most zones are bright and shiny – we totally need this change of scenery after Tanaan and Shadowmoon and blueish Frostfire. It’s not summer beaches or jungle, but like “normal” nature. Not a classic paradise, but paradise it is.

The Broken Isles

As for creatures that inhabit it – I would totally like to fight the dark satyrs and learn Vrykul stories. There was also some creatures named drogbar – we shall see.

Dalaran – you missed it? Here we are again. You can see it on the map too. Too bad it’s unlikely to be the faction capital, only a quest zone.

Class Houses and Class Weapons

It’s the most nice feature ever. At last our classes will feel unique. You have your class home and your own class followers. Which is more important, you won’t be alone. All the class players will gather there – fraternity will blossom in a new way. Did you like how druids worked together at Hyjal – Tauren and Night Elf? Because it’s their cause that matters, not faction. Class brothers are something unique in the history of WoW and maybe all MMOs too. I totally like this vibe, which will make my class choice mean something except animation and different buttons on the control panels. It adds up to the meaning of what you are.

More over, your next “epic ring” will be your epic weapon. I don’t care much about “Zumzum – the Legendary Sword of Zoomzoom” crap. I know what are Frostmoune, Ashbringer and Doomhammer of course. I know their story. But I never had any wish to grind the raids for these epic weapons. It doesn’t matter much for me if it’s Ashbringer or Starbucksdelivery – name it whatever you want, but the whole idea is awesome. I have 11 different classes, and I will see 11 different weapons. It’s something I would collect, upgrade, customize – it’s the new RPG element, development, progress, that makes you play and have this goal. For other players, unlike me, having a Frostmourne will be legendary.

Having 11 different classes, I will see most of these features. Only I lack a Priest among my toons. And a Demon Hunter.

Demon Hunters

The new class presentation is nice. It has this Illidan vibe from Warcraft 3 – and it’s the only way possible. I like that there are 2 specs, which will allow developers to focus on less balance tunings and save some resources. I like the restriction to Elf-only class. You can be DH for Horde and for Alliance, and it’s absolutely accurate with Lore.

I would create a demon hunter of course, at least to see their starting quest chain.


My previous post was almost correct. There will be no Emerald Dream – except for one dungeon of nightmares which is bearable. We returned to Azeroth and there are isles. We have naga and Azshara, athough only in one zone. Burning Legion proved to be an option, but it’s not overwhelming: in Draenor, it was Horde, Horde, Iron Horde till the end, throughout all zones. Here we have some other perils and creatures to deal with. Sylvanas will have her story – you can see her among Heroes and Villains on the website, but she’s not a mad villain. Gul’dan and Khadgar have obviously got some major storyline because it was not finished.

At least these of my guesses were correct.

So, what’s new?

Maiev – Xavius – Anduin – Athissa – Genn – Dargrul – Khadgar – Gul’dan – Sylvanas – Illidan

Illidan – that’s the worst about expansion. I hate killing the ones we have already killed. Kael’Thas, Onyxia, Kargath, Mannoroth, Archimonde – it’s both deus ex machina and boring. I know that most fan art goes to Illidan and Arthas… but come on!

This time I want Illidan to have as little attention as possible. Killing him as a rare monster while collecting 20 bear asses would be the best :) Of course Blizzard won’t let this, so I want him to be finished at last. Grinded into a small blood puddle, and blood burned. I hate the returns.

Genn Greymane will have his story – it may be the clash with Sylvanas, that’s interesting. Maiev will return of course because Illidan.

All in all the story is:

  1. Logical. It continues from the place where we left.
  2. Diverse. There are many small factions and areas, not Iron Horde, Iron Horde, Iron Horde.
  3. Has interesting characters and storylines.
  4. Digs up many forgotten storylines.
  5. Has fucking Illidan. All villains must remain dead.

But my greatest concern would be: could it be the last expansion?.. As Legion are archvillains, and it’s the big invasion. Of course, the goal is to seal the portal, not kill Sargeras, but? We shall see.


I can’t say anything special about it, as I don’t PvP. But it seems they’re dividing balance of abilities from PvE, and it’s very good.


It’s uncertain how this will work, but they’re going to free our bags and bank slots from mogging things. Hooray! I’m running out of place now. Also it would be marvellous if they made tabards like toys or heirlooms.

That’s basically all we have for tonight. I’m waiting for the expansion, and let the hype begin.

The only question now is: when shall it be released? It looked pretty raw to me, and will Tanaan be enough until the next expac? I guess not.

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