Do You Want To Play With Your Shipyard?


So, this is my progress for Epic Ring naval quests and treasure missions needed to build Shipyard Tier 3.

Question is: why should I need my Shipyard after this part of my chart is done?

Answer is: I won’t.

  • I just can’t find any use for this mini-game.
  • I got the pet and the mount.
  • The amount of Apexis is ridiculous compared to dailies and I just don’t see it as a profit because I don’t need any Apexis.
  • I don’t need any 650 gear because all my alts are effectively dressed at BRF and now focus on Hellfire Citadel Tier loot.
  • I don’t need any 695 gear because the difference between 685 raid loot and 695 free loot is not big and won’t be needed for the next xpac. There are no challenges that I can’t cope with now, at 660-685 range.
  • The amount of gold is ridiculous compared to Garrison missions.

So, the only possible option is a raid chest once in 2 weeks. I think this is it. I will build and equip ships to cope with Hellfire loot mission, and Shipyards will be abandoned until then.

I don’t know how many resources did Blizzard spend for creating a Shipyard, but it grows useless within 2 months from launch. Shame.

Edited: Let’s throw in some Lore as well. Building a Shipyard at this stage of war is ridiculous and useless. We have crushed all the Iron Horde and left only one stronghold. Even if they have some ships, these ships must be dead by themselves in several days. We’ve cut the supply lines and ruined the Iron Docks. There’s no fuel, repair and crews for them. Why should we even bother?..

2 thoughts on “Do You Want To Play With Your Shipyard?

  1. I’m keeping an eye on the ship yards for the heirloom rings, heirloom trinket, pet (still sells well), mount, and BMAH quest item. Otherwise, not touching it on my toons once they are done with the legendary.

    Str Ring –
    Int Ring –
    Agi Ring –

    Versatility Trinket with on-use dps gain


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